1: ready for anything




For me, getting dressed every day is kind of a balancing act. It’s important that I wear things that are practical for running around the shop, lifting things, standing at a design table for hours on end, etc. But it’s equally important to look put-together and professional, so I’m ready for anything. Like a walk-in bridal consult, a meeting with a new client, or the rare occasion that I — like today — open my day planner and realize, @$#!,  I totally forgot about that speed-business-networking thing at the Chamber of Commerce this afternoon. This is why I also keep a little stash of dress-up accessories in my desk at the shop, just in case. A crazy business woman style survival kit, if you will. It includes: a pair of nude Nine West pumps (which I’ll probably change into before heading to said networking thing later), a couple of neutral scarves in case I need to cover a bleach/tea/lunch stain from earlier in the day, a few cute statement pieces of costume jewelry, red lipstick, and dry shampoo. My momma taught me to always be prepared. And to always wear clean underwear; you just never know. 

Remix #1: Gap Always Skinny Jeans | New York & Company ruffle tee | LOFT jacket | Apt 9 colorblock scarf | Bucco riding boots via Hautelook ($38) | Nine West clutch (Macy’s clearance, $7.50)

36 thoughts on “1: ready for anything

  1. Maddie says:

    I can totally understand about having to be ready for anything… the weather now is always changing its like I don’t even know what to decided half the time! In college we have to walk everywhere and I just can’t find a cute “ready for anything” outfit that can handle both school and weather! I’m wishing I had a balance——- btw, I Love this blog! Very interesting & Fabulous!


  2. alina says:

    i love the color of your purse, its flashy but not like a highway sign :) kidding, some gloves on the same color would look nice too. oooh and a cover for your phone or some earings, but thats just my opinion :)


    • keiralennox says:

      “Really Red” by Essie! I always finish my at-home manis with a topcoat of Essie’s “Good to Go,” which dries super quick and keeps them glassy for days after polishing :)


  3. Jupe says:

    This is such a great example of casual chic…with the high pony, silk scarf, and big glasses you look very Audrey! But the cozy boots and jeans keeps it comfy for a long day!

    <3 Cambria


  4. Lindsay Alexander says:

    Much like you, I feel like I refer to my house as my second home. My little shop is open 7 days a week so out of what I feel is necessity, I’ve set up a survival closet in my office. Make-up, accessories and a few go-to wardrobe essentials, it has ALL saved me on numerous occasions, especially the days that I give “that” sweater one more shot.
    Love knowing I’m not alone. Fab advice!


  5. steffy says:

    What a great idea, to have those things on hand. I’m kind of the opposite, I need to have comfies on stash at work, just in case I decide to run errands after work and my dress and heels choice for that day just don’t quite work. So I keep a hoodie, sweats and tennis shoes in my drawer!


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