>The Final Countdown



If I could assign a theme song to this post, it would definitely be this one.

I had grandiose ideas about how I would wrap up this challenge. Maybe I’d bake a cake, or throw a party (not really) or at least celebrate with a little confetti. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Like when you’re desperate to finish your Summer Style Bootcamp {which is nearing three weeks of being overdue} and you realize that your husband — your official blog photographer — is going to a baseball game tonight. Between the raging migraine you had yesterday and no photog today, you’re going to be another two days behind. And you panic.

So you precariously balance your little point-and-shoot camera on the ironing board in the bedroom, stand in the horribly-lit hallway, and smile for the 10-second timer — wearing three looks that you’ve put together throughout bootcamp that never made it on the blog. And you call it a day.

Sorry if this feels like a cop-out for the finale of my bootcamp. But I was starting to lose inspiration, so I imagine that you were starting to lose interest in seeing the same remixes, too. Plus, all of the other clothes in my closet need some serious love and attention after being neglected for the last 6 and a half weeks! I can’t afford therapy for all those dresses, jeans, and blouses.

There are some good things going on, though. Like the new Closet Clean-Out Giveaway that’s up through Friday. And, at the request of a few readers, APP is now on Facebook!

>Casual Friday – Stripes & Statements


Breton Stripe Tee (Beall’s Outlet)
LOFT Necklace
Express Cargos
Style&Co. Peep-Toes
Nine West Belt
Gianni Bini Bag

I don’t know what’s happening with my posture in these photos. I didn’t go to charm school or anything, but this is kind of dreadful. Maybe it’s the heat… I’m literally wilting. 

Happy Friday! Hope you all have fun weekend plans ahead. I’ll be waking up before the sun tomorrow to hawk some of my wares at a community yard sale at my parents’ house. I need funding for all of the cute office supplies I’ve been hoarding stocking up on for the new business!

>Remix Rebound


{Outtake: T-Rex pose?}
Express White Camp Shirt
Simply Vera Vera Wang Belt
LOFT Denim Pencil Skirt
Michael Kors Leopard Wedges
Liz Claiborne Necklace
Ring from La Vita Dolce (local boutique)

This bootcamp challenge has been full of surprises. For one, the things I thought I’d wear over and over (like this white camp shirt) have only made an appearance once or twice, and the pieces that I didn’t think I’d get much mileage from keep making their way into my remixes.

I thought this look was a good rebound from my so-so outfit yesterday. I felt like it had some serious sass with the classic tailored shirt, wide leather belt, and my favorite leopard wedges.

Pssst… I have a secret! I have a major obsession with Michael Kors [that’s not the secret]. If I could dress head-to-toe in one designer, MK would be my man. I’ve had my eye on this watch for the last year, but at $250, it’s a little steep. Last week I was in Wal-Mart to buy a new iron because our old one was leaking rusty water onto all of our clothes {and C did not see this as reasonable excuse to buy a new wardrobe}. I walked by the accessories section and found the one I’m wearing here for $12! I think it’s a pretty reasonable substitute. I’ll snap a photo to compare the two in another post.