So Long, 2015.

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WEARING (Click links to shop): LOFT ‘Utility’ Blouse & Relaxed Skinnies (ON SALE!); Cuyana ‘Small Carryall’ bag; BCBG flats via Hautelook; Nixon ‘Kensington’ watch

My Nan used to tell me, “The older you get, the faster time flies.” (Your grandmother probably told you something similar; it’s a very grandmotherly thing to say.)

At 31, the months seem to pass at a speed somewhere around… supersonic?

Just when I got the hang of writing ‘2015’ on stuff, it’s over. And while I’m excited for the fresh start of a new year, I’m a little sad to see it go. You were a good egg, 2015!

I started the year determined to create more balance in my life, and I think I did a pretty good job following through. I made more time for rest, gave myself a good dose of grace whenever I needed it, practiced ‘not sweating the small stuff,’ and focused on nurturing a positive perspective because:

“Happiness is a habit. Cultivate it.” – Elbert Hubbard

My goals for 2016 — not to be confused with resolutions; I hate those things — are pretty similar: I want to keep learning and growing, give more to others, be creative, and find joy in the simple things. Everything else will work itself out.

I’d also like to resuscitate this blog, because writing makes me happy and, you guys, I am so rusty.

I should probably exercise more, too, but… meh. ;)

Happy New Year, friends!



I’m Still Alive!

Hi, Internet! It’s been a minute.

C recently mentioned that I should update the blog, and I was all, “what’s it been, two, three weeks?” Oh, a month and a half? Mmmkay.

I didn’t intend to go dark for so long. I thought I’d take a little breather from posting while we prepared for the start of a busy retail holiday season and the relocation of our flower shop, but then one week turned to two, and then six, and… well, November 2015 may go down in history as the fastest month of all time.

Let’s catch up!

While I was out, I:

Turned 31. Admittedly, I wasn’t as easy-breezy about this birthday as my 30th — I’m officially ‘in my 30s’ now? — but my family and friends made it extra sweet and special.

Renewed my library card and read some good books.

Watched all seven seasons of 30 Rock on Netflix.

Impulsively decided all our furniture and fixtures would be cuter in the new space with some fresh color, and spent the two weekends before our move painting everything in sight.

Made and delivered dozens of Thanksgiving centerpieces.

Moved our flower shop in four days during the holiday weekend. “We’ll be closed anyway,” I said at the beginning of the month, “it’ll be a piece of cake!” [Insert the wide-eyed emoji right here. Heck, insert three.]

Learned how to successfully remove frosted vinyl and adhesive from plate glass windows.

Squeezed in some quality time with family for the holiday.

Spent a lot of time in Lowe’s.

Celebrated my husband’s birthday. Bless his heart, he spent his work vacation carrying boxes and furniture, organizing contractors, and knocking down walls in the new shop. (I love you, babe!)

Drank a lot of wine.

#OOTD: Black and Wine


OOTD Casual Fall Style With Chaser Drape Back Dolman Tee and American Eagle Hi-Rise Jeggings

{ Chaser drape-back dolman tee; AE Hi-Rise Jeggings; DV Dolce Vita flats (last year); Vince Camuto ‘Colby’ bag (love this current fringe version); Nixon Kensington watch }

These photos are from last week, but I’m basically wearing the exact same thing today. Uniforms, y’all. Get on board. ;)

I love Chaser basics. I stock up on their tees and thermals at my friend’s boutique, m.marie, and wear them to death. They’re super soft and drapey, and get better with every wash. I bought this thermal tee years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite things in my closet.