sunday comfort food: all the things I want to make for Thanksgiving

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Every year, I tell myself I’m going to do my holiday grocery shopping early. And every year I find myself in a picked-over Publix the night before Thanksgiving, dazed and exhausted from a bustling week at the flower shop, with only a couple cans of pureed pumpkin and a box of Stove Top to choose from.

I love cooking for the holidays. If I had it my way, I’d take three days off work to shop, prep, bake, and broil; and I’d show up to family dinner with six side dishes, freshly baked bread, and a bevy of sweet treats. Instead, we’ll be up to our ears in orders for the holiday, and I’ll be lucky to finish by noon on Thanksgiving Eve.

All week, I planned to do my grocery shopping today. I woke up this morning, made a steamy mug of hot chocolate, and settled in with a blanket and my iPad to search out the best {and easiest} Thanksgiving recipes. I pinned up a storm.  Then I set out to tackle my to-do list.

After a couple of morning flower deliveries, I went to Joann’s for provisions to make the cutest turkey cupcakes I’ve ever seen. Then I stopped at Macy’s for Thanksgiving leggings. High-waisted, for maximum comfort and starch intake.

Then I was tired. I opted for Panera take-out and came home to relax in my sweats and watch The Walking Dead on Netflix. . Now the plan is to definitely, absolutely, without-question do my grocery shopping after work tomorrow.

I may show up to family dinner with a bag of candy corn and seventeen boxes of drive-thru chicken nuggets.

What are you making for Thanksgiving?

5 reasons I “need” a [faux] leather skirt this season

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Never did I ever think I’d consider a black leather mini skirt a versatile closet basic, but Pinterest has me convinced — I need one for fall/winter.

I think there’s a fine line between a leather skirt that looks chic and edgy, and one that looks, uh, you know. I have a few requirements (standards, if you will) for the perfect pleather mate: (1) Fit – it should sit at the waist and fall just a few inches above the knee. (2) Fabric – it should be thick and matte, like a quality authentic leather; no flimsy patent, please and thank you. (3) Flair – the simpler the better; no fussy studs, peplums, zippers, or unnecessary accouterments.

The hunt is on…