The New Target Home Line I’m Obsessed With I want it all.

(image via Apartment Therapy)

I popped into Target on Monday to grab laundry detergent, and left with a big ol’ wishlist from their new home line, Opalhouse. It has Anthropologie vibes without the breathtaking price tags, and combines all of my favorite things for our home: pops of color, nature-inspired prints, lots of texture, and vintage-meets-modern furniture that we can mix and match with our beloved hand-me-down pieces. From peel & stick wallpaper in fun prints, to a bevy of cute throw pillows, to chic vanity accessories and linens that convinced me I need to overhaul my bathroom; I wandered through the home decor section and wanted to get my hands on all of it.

(And did I make it out of the Tar-jhay with just my Ms. Meyers detergent and fabric softener? Of course I didn’t. A couple throw pillows made their way into my cart.)

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