Chic Ways To Style Denim Bermuda Shorts

To file under Trends I Unexpectedly Love: cut-off denim bermuda shorts. Late one recent evening, I fell down a bermuda short rabbit hole on Pinterest. I know I’m late to the party; they really blew up last spring and summer. But since most of us spent that block of 2020 in a fog drinking Dalgona…

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My Flexible and Achievable Goals For 2021

I’m back! Like many blog breaks before it, this latest hiatus stretched on for longer than I intended. By September, I didn’t have much in the tank for anything beyond essentials: leading our flower shop family through the last stretch…

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My Top 10 Beauty Splurge Picks From The Sephora VIB Sale

I’m trying to work through my extensive stash of skin care, makeup and hair products before buying anything new, so I’ll probably skip the Sephora VIB summer sale. But it’s a great time to score some of their premium products at a rare discount, so…

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