I Tried The ‘Yoga Skin’ Makeup Routine

When I read about ‘Yoga Skin‘ in Glamour magazine, I was all in on the makeup technique that mimics glowing, naturally-flushed skin straight out of a workout session. I posted about it on a Sunday morning in a weekly link roundup. Then I tried it myself that afternoon with the…

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I Love This Drugstore 2-Step Manicure

This Essie Gel Couture review first appeared on the blog when the 2-step manicure system launched back in the summer of 2016. I rediscovered it at the end of last year, and I wanted to revive this post from the archives!

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One of my favorite forms of self-care is a ritual I dubbed #sundaybaking. I start a slow Sunday morning with a coffee and browse through Pinterest, Instagram, or my cookbooks to find a new baking recipe to try. Here are some of my favorite attempts!