>husband jeans


Boyfriend jeans are everywhere this season, and I’m so in love with the look. I remember when a similar trend hit in the 90’s, and women went out and bought mens’ Levis (same era as CKOne, no?). I can remember a particular shopping trip with my uber-stylish mom — who is also the official photographer of this blog — to “County Seat” or some similarly named store to shop for her own mens jeans. 
So I decided to raid my husband’s closet for the second time this week to try out his Levis and save a buck on purchasing a pair of boyfriend jeans. I really liked them, save the very-unflattering-butt-flattening-thing they did to my backside. 
So while I dig this whole look, I think I’ll splurge and go buy a pair of boyfriend jeans made for ladies ;) 

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