>day of rest


The perfect recipe for a restful Sunday? Lots of BRAVO reruns, a good book, and cups and cups of herbal tea. Plus, a sweet Goldendoodle to cuddle up with :) 
I live in sundresses and flats on the weekend when the temperature starts to rise. I stock up on them at the end of the summer when fall lines start to fill the stores and the summer stuff gets slashed to ridiculously low prices. If you stick with basic colors, patterns, and cuts, they can live in your closet for years without losing their style, and are perfect layering pieces. 

5 thoughts on “>day of rest

  1. >I love your outfit, and your doggie!!! Last summer I really wasn't into blogs yet, so I will be interested to see the different summer styles that you come up with :) Especially at work with the AC blaring but 90 degrees outside, I find it impossible sometimes.


  2. >Love the outfit! I've been looking for the perfect white sundress. I just started following your blog…love your sense of style and the concept of $150 or less per day.


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