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>Today I did what I do most Saturdays as of late: headed downtown with a small amount of cash and a style wish list, and hit the thrift stores and antique shops.

Before I started a pretty penny, I never shopped secondhand. My closest experiences with thrift stores and consignment shops were bringing them my clothes. And I mean a lot of them; I have a purging problem when it comes to my closet — no wear in 12 months, you’re outta there.

I spent at least one day a week in department stores, specialty shops and boutiques spending money I [frankly] didn’t have on clothes that I [really] didn’t need. My closet felt like a bottomless pit of things that I didn’t really love, and I was in a chronic state of “I have nothing to wear.” Every event, party, dinner, or date night involved going out and buying new head-to-toe outfits, which I wore once or twice and then became bored with. I was often late on credit card payments and had the money management skills of a fifth grader. It was time for an intervention.

I started this blog with the goal of seriously overhauling my shopping and spending habits, and developing a better appreciation for my wardrobe. And so far, it’s totally working! I’ve been inspired by other blogs like my edit and clothed much that create amazing looks with secondhand pieces, so I started dropping by my local thrift stores. At first, it was completely overwhelming, but after some practice (and lots of patience) I think I’ve honed my thrifting skills into a well-tuned weapon in my style arsenal. I thought I’d share some quick tips and tricks for other thrifting newbies out there that just aren’t sure where to begin…

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