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Recently, Jessica posted about creating your own jorts using a pair of jeans. As a Floridian, I’m all too familiar with jorts for summer (and all my Gator friends are, too). I had several pair of jeans that were not my favorites for various reasons, and I thought they could each use a revival. Plus, I really need some shorts for the warmer weather. Using a few simple tools (sharp scissors, sandpaper, a pumice stone, and a boar bristle hair brush) I reincarnated four pair of jeans into four different styles of summer jorts. 
1. A.N.A. straight leg distressed jeans: I bought these at J.C. Penny a few weeks ago because they were on sale for $15. Like usual, I didn’t try them on, so when I got them home they didn’t fit as great as I’d hoped. The straight leg was a little weird, and they were super long. I tried cutting them to a more manageable length, but still wasn’t feeling it. I cut them into cuffed bermudas, further distressed their light whiskers and tears, and frayed the hemline with my boar bristle brush.. A similar pair at Abercrombie would run you $58.

2. Liz Claiborne relaxed fit with embellished back pockets: My mom just gave me bags and bags of clothes (I love hand-me-downs!) and these Liz jeans were part of the swag. I loved the back pockets, but I’m a smidge taller than her and they were just too short. I fashioned them into simple cut-offs with a three inch inseam, and frayed the hemline.

3. INC boot cuts: Also a compulsive sale purchase last year, these were a little short in length. I wore them with flats a couple of times, but I thought I’d get more milage from them as long cuffed walking shorts. (Tip: Narrower styles work better when cut into longer lengths). I just chopped them and frayed the hemline, then rolled them into a wide cuff. I left them long enough to be rolled twice for variety.

4. Old Navy classic relaxed fit: Wider legs are perfect for short cut-offs. These Old Navy jeans were also part of the stuff I got from my mom, and as a jean they weren’t very flattering on my curves. I distressed them with sandpaper and a pumice stone and frayed the hemline with my boar bristle brush. 

Repurposing pieces that you don’t wear often or were planning to toss is a great way to stretch your budget. If you have any other ideas for reworking jeans or other garments, please share them! 

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  1. 8.25.11

    i love to do surgery on my clothing , it is fun and makes it your style , these are awesome , i have made some distressed jeans and took out the hem and made them long enough for me as i am so tall it looks as if i am waiting for a flood if i dont get at least a 36 inche inseam