>summer blackout 2010


The beautiful Sally McGraw of Already Pretty issued a SUMMER BLACKOUT 2010 challenge for the week of June 7 – 14. I’m all in, starting with this gray, white, and silver ensemble. Michael Kors and Kenneth Cole had some gorgeous ad campaigns with similar color stories this spring, and I thought it was oh-so-chic. I bought this drapey faux-wrap dress from LOFT last year on the sale rack and kind of forgot about it when the weather started warming up. I pulled it out to wear to a toga party a couple of weeks ago (totally cheating, I know, but I didn’t make it to the fabric store in time for the party) and remembered how much I really love it. It’s a great jersey knit that you can literally wad into a ball and stuff somewhere in your closet and it never wrinkles. And the draping is really flattering (a great shape for us curvy ladies). 
Will you join the summer blackout challenge and banish black for a week? 

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