>one outfit, two ways


{oh, hi flamingo pose!}

Day four of Summer Black-Out 2010, and the second pair of wedges from my Payless BOGO splurge! I couldn’t decide which of these looks I liked better for today, so I decided to post both to show how one outfit can work two ways. The second look is exactly the same as the first with a few changes: lost the blazer, hair pulled back with a headband and teased at the crown, switched to a Nine West red handbag, and a quick swipe of Stila lip glaze in cranberry. 
I’ve been a little scissor-happy this week. First, I hacked four pair of jeans into various styles of summer shorts. Then I cropped these LOFT chinos. Do you have a pair of chinos that are a hair too short, or have a stain on the leg? Don’t toss them — repurpose them! Here’s how I did it (FYI, I used the same technique to cut off my jeans)… 

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