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Old Navy Tee (old!)
INC Bermudas (Macy’s sale, about $30)
Style & Co wedges (Macy’s sale, $40)
Tommy Hilfiger scarf (Macy’s sale, $8)

These pictures aren’t of the highest quality. It’s been kind of rainy and gross all day, and my point-and-shoot prefers bright, clear outdoor light. So they’re a little grainy and it looks like I have a dark little ghostly orb joining me in every photo. 

I’m back in action with bootcamp. Hubs and I went to a downtown coffee shop for lunch, where I discovered that this scarf has been a chew toy for the pupster and has a few major holes in a 4 inch section of the middle. Grrr… I was able to twist it around and do a few tricks to make the holes invisible. 
If he wasn’t so cute, it would be tough to forgive him for all of the clothes and shoes he’s “personalized” over the last couple of months. But you try being mad at this guy…

{this is how he sleeps, and he snores}

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  1. 7.8.10

    >aww, that is cutest picture of your little guy! what kind of breed is he?

  2. 7.4.10
    rlutz said:

    >thanks for following my blob…I love your work style…you are adorable..

  3. 7.4.10
    Kate said:

    >Hi! I'm a new follower – I love your blog already! Could you follow back?

  4. 7.3.10

    >Awwwww *melts* He looks like a cute little teddy bear!