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Striped Tee: Beall’s Outlet
Shorts: LOFT cut-off chinos
Bag: Dooney & Bourke (thanks, Mom!)
Yellow Leather Wedges: Antonio Milani
Scarf (as headband): thrifted

I spent this sweltering Saturday with my two sisters. My oldest sister came down from D.C. to be with the family last week, and we really just needed a day to decompress after a rough few days. We went for coffee this morning that lasted hours and was the best therapy session I’ve had in a while, but before I met up with them I stopped in one of my favorite places…


This is a big used bookstore downtown. It’s packed floor-to-ceiling with books from every genre, author and decade, and I could spend hours browsing the shelves. What’s even better — you can trade in your old books for “new” ones.

Today I found myself drawn to the self-help and psychology section. I usually don’t stray far from fiction (save a recent stint to a few classics; all of which are still piled on my nightstand underneath a copy of some coming-of-age fiction piece) but I craved some inspiration, motivation, and maybe just… understanding? I left with 7 books — themes ranging from Christianity to coping, and one titled “Quarterlife Crisis” — all for $25. 

As I read through titles and descriptions, I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the crazy things that make it onto the shelves in the name of “how-to”. Then I Googled “ridiculous self-help titles” and found this awesome slideshow from the Huffington Post, and a few other hilarious links that I won’t share because my mom reads this blog.

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