>a grey area?


{this was me attempting to give you a better view of these adorable Jessica Simpson platforms… it looks like I’m channeling my inner Beyonce}
Chad: “Are those shiny long Spanx part of your 30 pieces?”
Me: “Babe, first of all, these are called leggings. I’m counting them either as underwear (like a cami) or accessory (like a scarf). I’ll have to ask my readers if they think I’m cheating. But would you want me to go out of the house in this dress without them?”
Chad: “No. Definitely not.”
Chad: “I just took a picture of you giving that ‘explanation’.”

INC Denim Shirtdress (Macy’s sale, $20)
Miley Cyrus/Max Azria leggings (Wal-Mart)
Jessica Simpson Platforms (Macy’s sale, $30)
Bracelets from Beall’s Outlet
Stella & Dot earrings

So, dear readers, you be the jury. 

Was adding these leggings to this outfit a flagrant violation of my bootcamp rules, a grey area, or am I in the safe zone? I don’t really wear leggings very often (hence my husband mistaking them for Spanx, which I do wear very often) so I kind of lump them in with icing accessories, like tights. What do you think?

Author: Keira Lennox

I'm a small town lady from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

What do you think?

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  • >nope. i am wearing tights in my outfits as accessories. i have too, some dresses are way to short and my legs are way to pale! xoxosockmonkeyandgee.blogspot.com

  • >You look so chic, I love this! And I agree with you about the leggings–they shouldn't count. I've been saying the same myself about camisoles: since I wouldn't wear them alone, I don't count them.

  • >Hey Keira,That is so funny, I am wearing the same shoes today. I will be posting them soon. I also have the same shirt and liquid leggings (inc leggings though). I think you look great!As for the leggings as a violation, are you wearing them as pants? If so, yes. If you could have rocked that tunic/shirtdress without anything underneath than no, you are not in violation. I guess it depends on you…

  • >The difference between leggings and tights is this:Tights have to worn under something, since they are either opaque or see-thru.Leggings are solid and can be worn as pants.Thus my verdict is they should count as your 30 pieces, but I wouldn't say your a cheater. Just a rule bender, is all..hehehe..

  • >Very true, Laura! If it couldn't stand on its own as an item of clothing, it shouldn't count, right? I won't be rocking them with a tank top any time soon.

  • >I am not counting leggings in my remix challenge if I could theoretically wear the dress/skirt without the leggings. However, for work I definitely prefer the extra coverage. In this case I think they look more like pants, and not "underwear". I won't say anything if you don't!!!noguiltfashion.blogspot.com

  • >…but if you were, say, wearing these under a mini skirt, I would think of them more as accessories and therefore a freebie. So basically I have no idea. This is pretty grey ;-)

  • >arggghhhh blogger ate my comment! My main point was that I don't know if they should have to count or not. Although I'm kind of leaning toward them as having to count because they're being worn as pants here…