>short-and-sweet 16


Kristen Davis Silk Bow Tank (Belk sale, $20)
LOFT chinos, cut off
Random Grey Cardigan
Style & Co. Wedges (Macy’s sale)

I’m not really a shorts person. I think the only pairs I currently own were all formerly pants that I hacked into various lengths of cut-offs. I don’t know why, I’ve just never found them comfortable. I’d much rather wear a dress or breezy skirt on a hot summer day. 

There are a few pair out on the market right now that I’m coveting, though. As soon as my shopping ban is lifted, I want these: 

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7 thoughts on “>short-and-sweet 16

  1. >I love how you've dressed up these cutoffs. I LOVE those shoes too! My mood about shorts changes from day to day–I think it depends on how pale I think my legs are :)

  2. >Yes, shorts aren't the most comfortable thing around but they come in pretty hand when I'm gardening! But seeing as I don't garden a whole lot I rarely wear them :D

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