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I ran in to my favorite grocery store late this afternoon to grab dinner. Fried chicken from the deli. An awesome follow-up to the fast food chicken sandwich and fries I picked up for lunch. Terrible. I had my big carry-my-whole-life-with-me work bag, and didn’t want to lug it around inside. I took out my credit card and put it in my pocket, thinking I was so smart to lighten my load.

After picking up all of the necessities, including four pints of Ben and Jerry’s because they were buy-one-get-one, I thought a glass of cabernet sounded like heaven. I picked up a bottle or two and headed to the check-out. That’s when I remembered that I left my ID in the car. And even though I shop at this particular store at least weekly, and I purchase adult beverages nearly every trip, they card me. Every. Time.

At first I thought I’d try to be smooth. Put it at the end of the conveyer belt behind all of the {not} nutritious food, flash the 16-year old cashier my most charming southern smile, and hope he would overlook my lack of identification.

Then I thought honesty is the best policy, and put the two bottles of vino right up front, with the truthful explanation that I left my license in the car but would be more than happy to run out and get it. He certainly won’t expect me to leave this ten-deep line to retrieve my ID. He stared at me blankly, then shook his head… yes, he expected me to run out and get it. Seriously?

Just as I was about to tell him to put the wine aside and I’d come back for it, the man in line behind me said, “I have my ID.” That’s nice. I looked back at him and smiled politely, like I always do when people do/say random things that completely catch me off guard, then he said, “you can use mine.”

Now, it’s been a while since I’ve tried to use a fake ID, but I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to pull that one off. For a second I was bewildered… is this stranger offering to buy my bottles of wine? Is he going to buy them and then I give him the cash in the parking lot like my friends did in high school? How is this going to work?

He hands the cashier his license. The cashier scans it. And sells me the wine. What?! You have such a stringent ID policy that you were going to make me walk back out to my car before you’d let me out of the store with alcohol, yet you’ll allow a total stranger’s ID as an acceptable substitute? 

That’s a head-scratcher. But my Cupcake cabernet is delicious.

Author: Keira Lennox

I'm a small town lady from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

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  • >What a strange grocery situation! I was the ID checker at a college town liquor store, and that is just nutty… At least you got the wine. High fives.Also, you look very Elizabeth Hurley in this all white ensemble. So chic, and hard to pull off for most. Double high fives. (high tens?)

  • >OMG your are so so cute and your style is so awesomely effortlessly chic:)Thank you for stopping by my site:)Just launched a dress collection, if you would find the time to check it out and tell me your opinion it would mean a lot:)Lots of hugsxx

  • >You look so fresh in all white! A brave woman for enjoying Cabernet in white. I can't believe he took the other guy's ID. Crazy! And Googling Cupcake Cabernet now!

  • >Ah! That is the best ID story I've EVER heard. I will be sure to think about it whenever I buy wine, from now on. Until forever. I hope you didn't spill any red wine on all that white! You look phenomenal!

  • >uggh! I always get carded and a few weeks back the check-out lady gave me a really hard time, making me slide it out of my wallet and giving me dirty looks, the whole thing. Sometimes it's flattering… the dirty looks aside though!

  • >That's a pretty funny story! Apparently the cashier was just trying to covers his butt. As long as the ID was scanned, he was good to go..hehe.. I'm digging you all white outfit today! Super cute and I'm sure cool for hot summer weather.