>21! Let’s Celebrate.


Express Cardigan (sale, $15)
LOFT denim pencil skirt (sale, $25)
NY&Co. skinny snakeskin belt (sale, $10)
Jessica Simpson Platforms
Nine West sunnies (Beall’s Outlet, $10)

Let’s toast to two things: my 21st post in Summer Style Bootcamp, and the fact that I finally have some new sunglasses! Two months ago, I had at least 5 pair of really cute sunnies, and one by one they disappeared or were damaged beyond repair by my negligence (throwing them willy-nilly into my handbag, sitting on them in the car, putting them on top of my head where they almost always take a precarious fall to the floor and then are often stepped on, etc.). My last pair of beloved cheap aviators succumbed to a similar fate last weekend. Moment of silence please…
While I’d really love to have a collection like The Glamourai or Sterling Style, I’m clearly not responsible enough for such fine eyewear. I also can’t get away with no sunnies at all, since I live in the sunshine state and have light eyes that are ridiculously sensitive to the rays. 
So I went to Beall’s Outlet this afternoon and splurged on five pair for $30 — including an aviator replacement. I know I’m not supposed to be shopping, but I feel like sunglasses don’t count. And technically, my shopping bootcamp ended in July. And {Rambles on excuses}

Recreate It:
The items here would all be great staples for fall!
LOFT Drapey Denim Pencil Skirt (I actually like this version better than mine) $49.50
EXPRESS Long Sleeve Rhinestone Button Cardi (a perfect layering piece for fall) $49.50
Jessica Simpson Landen Slingback Pump (on sale at Piperlime!) $59.99

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  1. >I just found your blog and I love it! I'm starting a new job in the Fall after being a penniless grad student for 5 years, and I appreciate your pulled together look. Pencil skirts + bright cardigans will be staples in my wardrobe…as soon as I get a paycheck. ;)

  2. >This is gorgeous, such a professional and chic look. That belt is fantastic, I have one that's similar.I didn't know you live in Florida, so do I! I've been wondering how many fashion bloggers live in Florida. Are you near Central Florida at all?

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