Kristen Davis Silk Bow Tank
Nine West Belt
Style & Co. Wedges
*New favorite lipstick

Today was super productive. So much, in fact, that 2:00pm rolled around and I was still in my jammies glued to my office chair, where I’d been answering emails and working on projects all morning. My doorbell rang, and it was my neighbor dropping something off for C. I answered the door {hesitantly and shamefully} in my robe and PJs. 

I thought I might try to pull off the old, “oh, you caught me as I was just getting dressed and heading out!” But I was un-showered, hair all disastrous, without a stitch of makeup. Clearly I wasn’t going anywhere just then, and it was painfully evident that I was about 6 hours behind on the whole hygiene regimen. I can only imagine what was going through his mind… “kids these days; doesn’t this girl have a job?!”

{Un}fortunately, I did have to clean myself up eventually to go to a political rally and BBQ. So by 3:00 today, I managed to get my s$%t together and ended up looking like this. I was tempted to walk over to the neighbors to “drop something off” (sugar?) and show him that I wasn’t a totally haggard slob all day just three quarters of it. Maybe he saw us taking these photos out front on our way out.

When we were snapping away, C told me he liked my sunnies. I told him they were only $5, and a $5 footlong performance ensued, which he captured a peek of on film.


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  1. 8.8.10
    Justine said:

    >Totally cute, cute top! =]

  2. 8.8.10
    Clare said:

    >Dang lady, you are beyond adorable in that last photo. I just want to hug you!And I love those olive pants. :)

  3. 8.6.10
    rlutz said:

    >love those pants and that red bag!

  4. 8.6.10
    Hope said:

    >Oh, and one more thing: Working from home gives you the unalienable right to work in your PJ's all day. :) Even if they did think you were crazy, they were probably just jealous. :)

  5. 8.6.10
    Hope said:

    >I love the lipstick! It looks really good with your skin tone. :) I just bought so fire-engine red myself, and I'm still working up the nerve to put it on. Silly how a little tube of lipstick can scare me! :) Have a great weekend! likeunexpectedsunshine.blogspot.com

  6. 8.6.10

    >I love your outfit! So simple yet chic! Army green is SOOO in!FASHION du jourhttp://www.fashiondujourdaily.blogspot.com/

  7. 8.6.10
    Haven said:

    >Hahaha. That 5 dollar song is so catchy.I love those pants. And that bag. If your neighbor saw you now he'd totally be impressed. :)

  8. 8.6.10
    Melissa said:

    >You're adorable. I love that last photo. I would have wanted to do the same thing, march right over to the neighbor's house for…some reason. Any reason. Bake 'em some cookies or something. :)

  9. 8.6.10
    Madeline said:

    >That top is AMAZING!

  10. 8.6.10

    >Well it looks like I'll have that song in my head all evening, but it's cool! hehehe.. Those are some cute sunglasses!

  11. 8.6.10

    >so cute! and most days, i think i'd rather stay in a robe working!