>24 down, 7 to go…


Target Tee (first appearance!)
A.N.A. Ankle Skinnies
LOFT Necklace
Madden Girl Flats
Gianni Bini Bag

Kendi gave me a super sweet shout-out in her Remix Round-up today, so if you’re new here, thanks for stopping by! And I hope you’ll come back and visit again :)

In case you were worried about my mathematical skills, if you’ve been reading for a while you know that my Summer Bootcamp was originally only supposed to run through July — 27 pieces, 31 outfits. I got behind and it’s creeped into August, but I’ll finish on #31.
It’s been one of those insanely humid days, and even though I prepped for it with mousse and a lacquering of Elnett {one of my new favorite products} mother nature totally won the battle and left me with a head full of fluff, which was not cute. Even pulled back into a pony, it’s still managing to somehow defy gravity today… which does not make for nice outfit shots. And we snapped them later than usual, after we got home from the movies (Inception — pretty good!)
If anyone has tips for winning the fight against summer humidity hair disasters please share!

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  1. 7.5.11

    Sorry for that huge review, but I’m really loving the brand new Zune, and hope this, along with the excellent reviews another people have written, will allow you to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

  2. 8.9.10
    KT said:

    >Love the combo of the shirt color and the bold necklace. – Katy

  3. 8.9.10
    Becky said:

    >I have super curly hair so the battle against humidity is like battling gravity – you know who's going to win. I have been twisting and pinning the front bits of my hair back like a retro 40s betty and then putting it into a ponytail. I like it because it keeps the frizz to a minimum but also adds more dimension to the boring old ponytail.

  4. 8.9.10

    >I really love the necklace and sandals with this! I haven't had to deal with hair humidity issues as much this summer because of the pixie cut, but in the past, I've found barrettes and hats are the way to go.I also wanted to let you know that the Boot Conference post is up!

  5. 8.8.10
    Angeline said:

    >Great outfit! I love how easy and put together it looks. Love the bag!

  6. 8.8.10
    ag. said:

    >This outfit is so sweet.I wish I had some tips on hair in humidity but I face the same problem!Great blog…I'll be back! :)

  7. 8.8.10
    Melissa said:

    >Love the color combo with the crisp white pants, that looks gorgeous! Those sandals are so pretty too.

  8. 8.8.10

    >You look so great! These colors look good on you!Just came across your blog. It is lovely!colormenana.blogspot.com

  9. 8.8.10

    >I love those colors together and the necklace is so pretty!!As far as hair and humidity go, I have curls so all bets are off unless they involve a headband and ponytail holders…

  10. 8.8.10
    Sally said:

    >Love these colors combined! Sallyhttp://ursaminor-sally.blogspot.com/

  11. 8.8.10
    Ashley said:

    >I like to air dry my hair and wear it wavy (with product, naturally). I always lose in the war against humidity so I stopped fighting. I love your white jeans – I've been searching for a pair all summer! They look great on you.xoxo, Ashley

  12. 8.8.10

    >I love how you style your items! And I die for that bag!

  13. 8.8.10
    Tanvi said:

    >Love the colors … and you are doing so well so far! Last 7 days will be a cake walk for you! :)

  14. 8.8.10
    Clare said:

    >I love the color combination with the blouse and necklace!