>Closet Clean-Out Giveaway {CLOSED}


Hi friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Tomorrow is the first day of school, so to all of my teacher friends and parents, enjoy what’s left of the last precious hours of summer! 
This week’s CCOG was another impulse buy. I bought it at Loft a few months ago because it was on sale, and I’ve never worn it. I love turquoise, and I think the gold and leather chain is really fun and different. You could double it up and wear it shorter, or leave it long over a plain tee or tank top. I’ll style it up in a post this week before I send it off to a new home. 
To enter, follow a pretty penny on Blogger, Bloglovin’, or the new Facebook page! Then leave a comment with your email address or a URL to your blog so I can contact the winner. Simple as that!

47 thoughts on “>Closet Clean-Out Giveaway {CLOSED}

  1. >Oooh~ not only do I love this – but since my jewelry box was stolen – it would be a welcome replacement to some lost turquoise pieces!! :)


  2. >I love the jewelry at LOFT and the price usually isn't to bad either! And, I have a special place in my heart for turquoise (especially in the summer). Turquoise and coral are one of my favorite color combos!


  3. >I follow you on Blogger! :) And I'm going to enter every week because I think all of your stuff is incredible. I've never had anything like this necklace and I'd love to add it to my evolving collection of cool jewelery! :)Thanks!Kimksparham@gmail.com


  4. >HI – just found your blog through Second Skin and just wanted to say hi and your blog is great so far! You have a new follower :) Feel free to stop by my space sometime too if you want. Cheers!


  5. >*squeal of delight* I've been wanting a turquoise necklace for such a long time…and I looooove this blend of leather, stone, and metal. I very much hope I have a chance to wear it :)http://twoforteaplease.blogspot.com/


  6. >Oh oh oh! You're in my RSS feed and I also liked you on facebook :)I am just now wading into the world of accessories and I don't have any turquoise yet! This accessory newb would love to have it – plus secondhand is always earth-friendly! dancerjess@gmail.com


  7. >I almost bought this when it was in the store…glad I get a second chance at it! Consider me entered. :)thirdfloorcloset@gmail.comhttp://thirdfloorcloset.tumblr.com


  8. >My newly bought turquoise necklace just broke (that's what I get for buying cheap jewelry..) so I've been looking for another new one. This one is lovely!I follow on Blogger. :)morbidxhysteria@gmail.com


  9. >im an elementary teacher and had a big smile on my face when i saw this give-a-way. although the start of the new year means no more sleeping in, this necklace could easily replace the summer time blues!jakeandjessica.blogspot.com


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