>Just Another Manic Monday


{My lovely assistant. He works for kisses, rawhides, and afternoon walks.}

Alfani ruffle front dress (Macy’s Clearance, $20)
LOFT sweater vest (from many seasons ago)
Simply Vera Vera Wang belt (Kohl’s clearance, $12)
BCBG shoes

These BCBG shoes were one of the first pair of expensive stilettos I ever bought (expensive to me at the time, that is). I picked them out for my engagement party more than three years ago, when I was months away from graduating with my undergrad degree and making a humble hourly wage working for a real estate office. I’d just bought a pricey dress at Bloomingdales for the party, and I remember calling C from the Dillard’s shoe department and asking him if it was ludicrous to spend three figures on a pair of shoes. We decided that since it was such an auspicious occasion (and I promised to wear them all the time) we could swing it. Now, all these years later, they’re still one of my favorite things in my closet, and I’ve made good on my vow — ’til death do us part {both the shoes, and the hubs, that is}.

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I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

22 thoughts on “>Just Another Manic Monday

  1. >Your blog is quickly becoming one of my faves! I really like that you aren't a slave to trends, but instead, know your own style.

  2. >Well, everyone has already stated the obvious on how incredible you look today. The colors in this dress are absolutely fab. And if you look at my posts lately, I'm kind of obsessed with ruffles. :)I LOVE your hair here, though. It's simple and chic, but also really laid back. Howwww?<3 Kimhttp://fashionmommaintraining.blogspot.com

  3. >I can't believe how pretty you are every stinkin day! Love that outfit :) Also, I loved your post on debt – been thinking a lot about that topic lately and liked your insights. Thanks!

  4. >Such a cute little outfit! You are just so adorable.I looove when I purchase something that's a little more pricey and actually wear them! My boots and shoes from my trip to NY were a little pricier then normal but I wear them both to death. Such a nice change from all the stuff that sits in my closet unworn ;)AND, Manic Monday has been my favourite song for years and years and years. Yay!Melissa

  5. >I would never have put a sweater vest with this dress, but it's perfect! The way the ruffles pop out, mixed with the belt (and stilettos, of course) makes this outfit so unique. I'm very impressed with your blog. You're CCOG winner video announcements are so creative!

  6. >Aww, I remember when I first spent three figures on a clothing item, and remember promising myself I would wear it often. It was actually right after my college graduation and before my wedding, so I remember consulting the Hubs on it too and he said go for it. This is such a cute outfit — the ruffles are amazing!

  7. >You look great in this combo. And I agree it is best to invest in good shoes. I have a pair of Issac Mizrahi (NOT from Target, but the real deal) mary-jane pumps that have held up incredibly well (I bought them at least 8 years ago) and are the most comfortable heels I've ever owned

  8. >I love that song! :) You look fantastic. I love the belted cardigan with the ruffles on that dress and those shoes were SO worth it! Gorgeous!

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