>Check Her Out: Classy Sudz Giveaway CLOSED

>I’m kind of obsessed with young, talented, entrepreneurial girls that put it all on the line to start up a business and do something they really love. Maybe because I’m doing that myself, and I like to soak up their energy and inspiration. (Or commiserate in the fearful-free-fall-of-going-out-on-your-own?) I’m highlighting some of these power girls in a new series of posts called Check Her Out.

Mondays are tough. Giveaways make them better. Giveaways that involve a little pampering make them pretty great.

My friend, Cathy, is the beautiful and talented lady behind Classy Sudz, a line of natural handmade “couture” soaps. The first time I met Cathy (and subsequently fell in love with her; she’s the sweetest, most genuine person — and a stylish supermom with three businesses to boot!) she brought me a bar of her Champagne Mimosa glycerin soap.

For months, I kept it at my desk and smelled it obsessively, and made C smell it, too. “Hey, have you smelled this amazing —“… “What, that soap? Yeah, you’ve made me smell it like a hundred times.”

And then I tried it. I have very sensitive dry skin with seasonal eczema, and I’m always searching for the perfect cleanser that doesn’t strip away what little moisture my skin has and leave me itchy and scaly {not cute}. This soap was exactly what my skin needed: it smelled delicious (which we already knew), was oh-so-gentle, left my chronically-thirsty skin moisturized, and the scent lasted for hours. Hooked.

You know what’s even better? All Classy Sudz soaps are all-natural, chemical free, hypoallergenic, and noncomedogenic. And Cathy is offering one lucky APP reader 3 bars of her heavenly handmade soaps in Pink Grapefruit, Olive Oil, and Citrus Lavender, plus a sisal soap saver bag!

To enter, leave a comment with your email address before Friday morning at 9:00am EST. No international entries, please. Then cruise on over to Classy Sudz or email Cathy for more information about how to order! Tell her I sent you ;-)

28 thoughts on “>Check Her Out: Classy Sudz Giveaway CLOSED

  1. >Sold, sold, sold!!! What an awesome giveaway. I love soap! And bar soap is the best. Noncomedogenic, even better than the best! Crossing fingers. :) Thanks so much, Keira and Cathy!Kimksparham@gmail.com


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