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My newsprint manicure was featured in the Brazilian entertainment and fashion magazine Criativa’s website. Thanks, Denise, for letting me know about this feature! It’s in Portuguese, so I’m not sure what it says. If anyone can translate (besides the instructions, which I’m sure are very similar to mine) that would be awesome :)  

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  1. 10.3.10

    >Oh Keira, this is great. You and your blog are poised to really take off. I've been with you from the beginning and I'm very excited your hard work is paying off. You've earned it :)

  2. 10.3.10

    >That is so cool haha x

  3. 10.3.10
    swee2th said:

    >Wow…how cool is that! When you first posted these instructions, I placed a shortcut to my desktop and also sent the link to my high school niece so she could try it. So fun.Brynne

  4. 10.3.10

    >Very cool..congrats hunnie!! You are GLOBAL:)Enter the Giftcard Giveaway!Statements in Fashion Blog

  5. 10.3.10