>Happy Fall, Ya’ll


10-5-10(1) copy
10-5-10(2) copy
10-5-10(3) copy
Hand-me-down dress from Mom
Candies boots (birthday gift from last year, also from Mom!)
Vintage clutch (thrifted, $3)
Liz Claiborne necklace (Belk sale, $15)

Today was the full day of beautiful fall weather we’ve had all season. I worked from home all day, opened up all the doors, and turned off the A/C. It was blissful. The only thing missing was a pumpkin latte, and the honorary first one of the season is on my to-do list for first thing in the morning.

On a [not at all] serious note, I think Doak is trying to take over my blog. As soon as C pulls out the camera to take outfit photos, he totally hogs the shot. We try to lure him away with puppy treats (and I’ve even resorted to dodging him to try to get a quick shot without him in the frame) but he’s really determined to be included. If he learns to type, I’m in trouble.

10-5-10(5) copy
10-5-10(6) copy

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  1. >love the style of the dress but whats the color? both of you are cute, really cute=)

    Posted 10.7.10 Reply
  2. >Oh my gosh, that would be the best blog! A fashion/style blog written by a dog.Annyyyway, I love this outfit. You look so damn classy!

    Posted 10.6.10 Reply
  3. >Yesterday weather was great. You live in FL right.http://amyfashionblog52.blogspot.com/

    Posted 10.6.10 Reply
  4. Katie W wrote:

    >Keira, I love the new blog header!And as adorable as Doak is, he can't compete with this mod look! It's minimal with a big impact!

    Posted 10.6.10 Reply
  5. >This is gorgeous!!!

    Posted 10.6.10 Reply
  6. Iris wrote:

    >What a simple and pretty dress, it looks really cute on you!

    Posted 10.6.10 Reply
  7. ciupa wrote:

    >hey, just catching up on all your posts. so you opted for bangs – cute! and cute outfit!

    Posted 10.6.10 Reply
  8. Melissa wrote:

    >These pictures are so pretty! love themMelissa

    Posted 10.6.10 Reply
  9. >Now I'm going to wake up in the morning craving a pumpkin latte…I'm blaming you :) Also, absolutely love the bangs- they look great on you!

    Posted 10.6.10 Reply
  10. Elle Sees wrote:

    >cute!what color is the dress?giveaway on my blog!

    Posted 10.6.10 Reply
  11. >Very lovely dress, and looks great with your boots! Love your hair, too!

    Posted 10.6.10 Reply
  12. MONKEYFACE wrote:

    >What a fantastic handmedown!! Honestly I think your best accessory is your bangs, they are fab :) But Doak comes in second!

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  13. Jessica wrote:

    >Love the dress and necklace! Aww, Doak wants to be a fashionista, too! :)http://www.jrose-studio.blogspot.com/

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  14. Linda W wrote:

    >Cute dress. I would love a dress with that shape and sleeves. And the boots are perfect.Is there color on the dress? The black and white pictures are so chic!

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  15. >Love your Mod looking dress and boots…your hair looks super cute too…..:)Enter my Wendy Hammer Designs Purse Giveaway♥Statements in Fashion Blog

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply