>There’s No Place Like Home


Cardigan from Dillard’s career brand (many seasons ago)
Kmart tank ($2.99 clearance)
Simply Vera Vera Wang skinnies (Kohl’s sale, $20)
Michelle D snakeskin flats (Dillard’s clearance, $11)

These ruby red snakeskin flats would be like Dorothy’s slippers, if in the story the Wicked Witch of the West put a curse on them. I bought these on clearance at Dillard’s last weekend for $11, and I should’ve known something was up since they were so cheap and there were so many pairs left… These are the ruby red snakeskin flats from hell. 

{Notice that my jeans are tucked into them at the heel to help ease the blister-inducing discomfort}

So why, you ask, am I still wearing them? Because like most ladies, I’ve come to accept the fact that sometimes cuteness comes with pain; and I’m holding out hope that I can “break them in” since I lost the receipt and can’t return them. To make matters worse, I also bought a nude pair.

P.S. A lot of you asked about the color of the dress in yesterday’s post:

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P.P.S. I still haven’t gotten that pumpkin latte :(

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15 thoughts on “>There’s No Place Like Home

  1. >That sucks about the shoes! I was just about to say how cute they were too.Blister Block really helps me. It's by the band-aids and it looks like a tiny deodorant stick. It can't overcome every shoe, though.

  2. >You're right, why do we put up with painful shoes. I'm just getting over a blister I got from a pair of flats last week. I had a pumpkin latte myself yesterday. It was delicious!

  3. >That evil ol', mean ol' wicked ol' witch ought to get a kick in the…well, you know, because those shoes are awesome! Sucks that they're uncomfortable. You look great in this outfit, pain or not. I love the red w the animal print.

  4. >Great outfit. I always have trouble breaking in my flats too and I've learned to use heel liners instead. Works wonders and you don't get blisters!

  5. >I have a pair of flats that always gives me blisters too, but I keep wearin' 'um! Have you tried band-aid blister block? It's like a liquid band-aid thing that comes in a tube. It works wonders!Pocket of Presh

  6. >I'm sorry those shoes don't work, they are a perfect red flat! I also LOVE your cardigan. I hope you can find a way to make them work :)

  7. >Dang! Sorry those shoes are such blister machines! I've found that well-placed moleskin or slipper socks can really help uncomfortable flats. They ARE cute.I love this outfit overall, too! The cardigan goes perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

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