>Central Perk


Tunic and belt ($40, m.marie)
Simply Vera Vera Wang skinnies
Gianni BIni sandals ($20, Dillard’s Clearance)
Liz Claiborne leather tote
Stella & Dot jewelry

Two posts in one day! Since the post from this morning was really from last night, here’s what I’m wearing today
C and I had a meeting at a downtown coffee shop this morning, and took a walk in the park to snap a few outfit shots. One thing you should probably know about me: I love my community. I grew up here, and while we’re not a booming metropolis, we’re not exactly a rural dot on a map, either. We fall into that great sweet spot in the middle… everyone knows your name, but we have several large multinational companies that call our town home. This fountain is in Central Park downtown, and I’m bummed that it wasn’t on this morning because the water is pink through the month of October in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
A few notes about today’s post:
1. I’m wearing these Vera Wang skinnies like they’re going out of style. We’re in the process of transitioning into co-ownership of the family flower shop with my in-laws (SO excited!) which means I need to transition my wardrobe as well. I’ve worked in really corporate jobs for the last 4 years, and my suits, sheath dresses, and stilettos are not conducive to running a flower shop! I find myself reaching for these babies every. single. morning.
2. Thank goodness for props! I am working that coffee cup, right? How’d I do, Bev?
3. See the bumped pony?! Another daily fixture of my style lately. Either I’m really working on a signature here, or I’m falling into a rut…
4. The title of this post is an homage to my favorite show of all time. If you don’t know what it is, I don’t know if we can be friends ;-)

16 thoughts on “>Central Perk

  1. >I've wanted to own a flower shop since I was a little girl (that, and to be a librarian … simultaneously). I don't know if I should congratulate you (congrats!) or seethe in raging jealousy (you can't see, but I'm definitely seething right now). Love the tunic. Love all things breezy and floaty like that. http://greatwhitetee.blogspot.com/


  2. >Definitely think I need a prop for my next outfit post! :) You rocked it!I love the tunic that you have on! It's so pretty and feminine, and with the belt, it's perfect. :) Have a great weekend! likeunexpectedsunshine.blogspot.com


  3. >HA! First, I saw the title….yah, Friends.Next, I saw the outfit….yah, tres chic!Last, I saw the coffee and kept looking for your fake name. Way to rock the coffee cup! You're like a pro.


  4. >I am so loving that tunic…very chic!And Friends is amazing. I can't even pick a favorite character! That's when you know its a good show :)


  5. >Ah Friends is MY fav show of all time! I can literally quote like every episode. I'm such a loser lol. What's your fav episode?! SO hard to pick right? Though there is a couple of Thanksgiving ones that are hilarious and are on my mind bc of the time of year – the one where they play football and the one where they flash back to their worst Thanksgiving….ah I'll stop now bc could this comment BE any longer?!


  6. >Haha coffee cups are as much a part of an outfit as anything. It's necessary to get dressed in the morning! :DPs – That blouse looks SO incredibly comfy.


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