>Imitation is the highest form of flattery.


Kmart tank ($2.99 clearance)
Thrifted pants
Style&Co wedges (Macy’s)
Vintage clutch (thrifted $3)
Vintage necklace (m.marie, $40)

I was totally channeling B. Jones Style when I threw this together to go out last night. If you don’t know about Beth, you really must cruise over to her blog and soak up her amazing styling. The high-waisted pants, vintage clutch and statement necklace, and teased up Bardot hair — all my best B. Jones impressions.
Speaking of teasing, I think I’ve been watching too much Real Housewives and Jerseylicious (I refuse to admit that I watch Jersey Shore, even if I did catch an episode or two during the marathon on MTV last weekend). I’ve been teasing my hair like it’s my job, and spraying it into submission with my newest obsession, L’Oreal Elnett. I’m in that awkward grow-out phase where your hair hits your shoulders and flips out at the ends — no matter how much you may round brush and flat iron and velcro roll to the contrary. A good bump at the crown and pulled into a pony is fast becoming my “signature” style these days. Just a few more inches, and I’m home free.

Any other tips for riding out a grow-out with panache? :-)

13 thoughts on “>Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

  1. >Natural beauty is belong to a woman, also said that a woman born to like beauty. It is every woman’s dream of owning an admirable brace of bags, watches and purses


  2. >I think your hair looks great! But I know what you mean – I actually had long long hair and just got it cut last week. I got her to cut it to my shoulders bc I really really needed to clean it up, get the dead ends off, but now I'm regretting it because it's totally flipping out at the bottom, like a lot! Gah so annoying. It doesn't look bad, just wierd – I'd prefer a rounder shape. Now I can't wait until it grows back out an inch or two – hah, go figure!!


  3. >Okay, I thought I was the only that had hair that did that weird flip out thing when its hits the shoulders. Good to know I'm not suffering alone! Also, love this necklace! I really need to go vintage shopping soon.


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