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The traditional deodorant/antiperspirants on drugstore shelves kind of freak me out. It’s not a secret (no pun intended) that their main ingredients are aluminum and parabens, which is scary stuff. There’s no conclusive evidence that the the ingredients in deodorant are linked to breast cancer, but I’d really rather not take the chance. Plus, the idea of clogging up my sweat glands (which are close neighbors of those important little things called lymph nodes) with potentially toxic ingredients is less than appealing.

I’m on a personal mission to convert all of my cosmetics and skin care to all-natural and organic products and I’ve had a love/hate relationship with all-natural deodorants. I’ve tried Toms (hated it; smelled weird and made my underarms rashy!) and just finished up a stick of LAVANILA (which was okay, but pricey at $18). 

Over the summer, I came across this recipe for natural homemade deodorant on the owls are not what they seem and filed it away to try one day. Oh, how I wish I’d made it sooner…

See how to whip up a batch of your own after the jump!

You’ll Need:
1/4 cup arrowroot powder (as a thickening agent)
1/4 cup baking soda
4 tbsp coconut oil
10+ drops grapefruit oil
a jar or tin with a lid

I picked up all of the ingredients (with the exception of the baking soda) at my local health food store.
{Arrowroot powder: about $7}

{Baking soda: $2 at drugstore}

{I splurged and bought the most expensive coconut oil: $15}

{Grapefruit oil: $10}

Mix all of your ingredients together until they’re well-blended. I used a hand-mixer because I’m lazy.

I made two batches in this jar, and used less than a quarter of all of the ingredients. It smells delicious — like a macaroon meets a heavenly coconut pie — and mixes into a soft, liquid-y balm (you can store it in the refrigerator to keep it solid). To apply, just melt the balm in your fingers and apply with your fingertips like a lotion.

I made this batch on Saturday, and wanted to wear it for a few days before I shared it with you all and gave it the gold seal of approval. It smells oh-so-yummy, kept me fresh all day (even through evening walks with Doak and very stressful days at the flower shop) and the coconut oil is really conditioning on sensitive underarm skin. 

I give it a platinum seal of approval!

Author: Keira Lennox

I'm a small town lady from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

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  • I made this and put it in our old deodrant containers, but for some reason it will not rise when I turn the knob. I did refridgerate it to solidify it. Vary suggestions what went wrong?

  • Iv been meaning to start and organic deodorant business and this recipe looks the moat promising of all:) was wondering about the shelf-life of this product? Any ideas on what I can add to solidify it as I live in a tropical country. Thanks:)

  • >I made this for the mister, as most regular deodorants give him a rash… he has been using it for 3 day and gives it a thumbs up!! No rash and keeps him smelling yummy!! Thanks!

  • >hi, i loved this post, bought all of the ingredients today and still i'm curious: do you still use it? how has it worked for you?loved you blog by the way…

  • >this sounds like an amazing idea! do you know if you can substitute the grapefruit oil with any other type of essential oil (like lavender because I already have some) ?

  • >Well, who knew? I'm definitely filing this under "must try". I go back and forth on the whole all natural beauty train, but usually I just end up going with what's cheapest. But I LOVE DIY, economical natural switches. I just need to actually take the time to do it :)

  • >Very cool idea. I'm also going organic, but I have LUSH around the corner, so I'll probably buy a lot of stuff from there once my supplies run out.Cheers,poet

  • >Last year, I tried to do that with many of the products I use. All I found was that most of it just made me break out something fierce! Keep up updated, and I hope you have better luck! :) likeunexpectedsunshine.blogspot.com

  • >My dad has been hounding me for years about the dangers of aluminum zirconium. And, I too have yet to find an adequate natural deodorant. I'm definitely trying this out. Thanks, Keira :)

  • >Awesome! I've been make the same switch to natural products as I use up my current ones and I've had a terrible time with deodorant. I have a drawer-full of types that just haven't cut it and I was concerned that I was destined to either stink or be stuck using ingredients that make me uncomfortable. I'm going to pick up these ingredients on the way home!

  • >Kiera please keep us updated on your switch to natural skincare and makeup! I am on the same quest but have yet to be very successful, mostly because I don't want to throw things out and buy new, but the next time I replace any item it will be something more natural. I'm using Toms right now but I don't think it works against the stink :) It's not bad but definitely not used to smelling my own scent slightly, so I can't wait to try this out!Care to update on anything else au natural? I would love the advice before I shop, especially foundations, since that's running out any day now!

  • >I know not using a deodorant is the best(i heard that deodorant includes an ingredient that causes breast cancer). I am using TOMS and it really doesn't smell good. I am wondering if there is an easier to apply his natural deodorant. Would it be possible to harden it in a mold?

    • I use a recipe very similar to this (no arrowroot) and we just refilled our old deodorant canisters-Works like a charm! Pour, set and done! You can also keep this in a jar in the bathroom (doesn’t need to be refrigerated) and use your fingers to apply. Much easier and less messy than it sounds. Since using this deodorant, my husband has been blown away by how much this is working. Nothing worked for him before this. Nothing. Since wearing our homemade deodorant (one month now) he even went one whole day w/ out it and while he did sweat, he did not stink! I swear the deodorant companies add chemicals to the deodorants in order to make you sweat and stink so you’ll keep buying more and more powerful/newer products. Never again will we buy deodorant! This passes my teenager, myself, and my husbands expectations so we are totally thrilled.
      For his deodorant I used tea tree oil and sage oil both for antibacterial and for a more manly smell. Although, for the first few days he kept thinking someone was eating a turkey dinner until he remembered it was probably his deodorant! He smells great (not like a turkey dinner, that was definitely some manly drama there!) For my girls and I, I used a lavender blend (antibacterial), ylang,ylang, and bergamot. I’m not a fan of smelling like coconut oil and while it has a coconutty smell to it, once we put it on, the other oils blend beautifully w/ it.

  • >ok, every since I had a baby my sweat glands have had mind of there own. So, I have tried many products and found certain dri works the best. Major drawback, it can discolor clothing and has left me with several holes in the arm pit of several shirts. Kinda scary that its so strong. I am going to make this, keep your fingers crossed… Thanks for the tip.

  • >No streaks! I meant to add that, too. It's colorless, and the most transfer you get on your clothes is from the baking soda, which just brushes right off.

  • >Interesting! I might have to give it a try. Did you have any problem with annoying white steaks on your clothes from wearing it?