Donna Morgan dress (via Marshall’s clearance, 2009)
Nine West woven leather belt
Michael Kors pony hair leopard wedges (Macy’s clearance, 2009)

This afternoon, I gave a presentation about social media to about 50 business people from a variety of industries and organizations. I wanted to look professional, but not stuffy. I also wanted something cool so that I wouldn’t have a nerve-induced heat stroke in front of a room full of people. {P.S. today was the ultimate test of the natural deodorant, and it passed with flying colors!}

I woke up at 5:00am and had an action-packed day, starting with a 7:30 staff meeting for the flower shop. Dinner is sitting on the counter (side note: I’d like to kiss the guy who invented take-out) and my sweats are calling my name. My brain hurts and I’m fresh out of interesting things to say/write.

11 thoughts on “>Presentable

  1. >You look fantastic. I love the black and brown together. You look professional and stylish and I'm sure you did a great job! You deserve lots of rest and pampering!


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