>Keira After Dark


INC denim jacket (Macy’s sale, 2009)
Thrifted skirt ($2.75)
Route 66 tank (Kmart clearance, $2.99)
Thrifted belt ($0.50)
Simply Vera Vera Wang grey tights (Kohl’s)
Target boots (2009)

I usually try to snap my outfit shots in good sunlight, but the sun is going down earlier and earlier these days and it caught up with me tonight.

C opened all the windows and doors this morning and I woke up to cool, fresh fall air blowing through the house. I was so excited, and pulled out my boots and tights to celebrate what’s supposed to be the first weekend of true fall weather down here. I stopped and picked up a pumpkin latte on my way to work, and was seriously in the best mood all day. There’s something so refreshing about the change in seasons.

Welcome, fall, I’m so happy you’re here!

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