>Variations on a Theme…


XXI tee
Express denim Editors (get a similar pair here)
Anne Klein scarf
MK knock-off watch (Wal-Mart!)

I realized this afternoon that this is day two of “a tee-shirt and jeans” for me. Then I started thinking that I may have a good thing going here… I now declare this “a tee-shirt and jeans” week on A.P.P. For the next three to four days, I’ll see how I can style this classic combo without looking frumpy or boring as an initiation into my new work dress code.

Feel free to play along! You can even grab the graphic below if we want to make it all official ;-)


21 thoughts on “>Variations on a Theme…

  1. >what a lovely scarf! you really like jeans and pair it with comfy tees. This is my favorite outfits everyday. Pretty wearable and matched it with sunnies. My day is totally perfect=)


  2. >I find myself in variations of this outfit all the time! Jeans, scarf, t-shirt. It always looks chic and pulled together! I especially love that lace scarf! It's lovely. And that watch is going to make me hit up the Walmarts. That's saying something. :)


  3. >halow! i like this though am not allowed to come to work in jeans but i'll sneak hahahha i'm joining your tee and jeans combo officially, you can visit my blog if u have time! see my first outfit tomorrow hurray!


  4. >Love it! I wish I could wear jeans and tees all week. It's been work clothes and then straight into pajamas (in the fall/winter when I get home I don't leave–too cozy!).


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