>Cheater, Cheater, Jeans Repeater


Yes, I wore these jeans yesterday. {I hoped the gratuitous Doak shot would distract you from noticing.} I picked them up off the chair next to the bed where I left them to put on my PJs last night, and slipped them right back on this morning. I cuffed them once instead of twice, and they’re nice and stretched out from two days of wear, so it’s like a totally different pair. Right? {…right?}

On another note, it’s still in the 90’s down here. Would some of my friends from the north please mail some fall weather this way*? I mean, I’m trying to be patient but this is getting ridiculous. When I got in my car to pick up lunch this afternoon, my thermostat said 104. 104!

That doesn’t mean I’m not dressing like it’s in the 60’s with boots and scarves, it just means I’m suffering for it.

*fall weather within reason. I am a southern girl, and I’d freeze like a popsicle in true northern weather.

Wearing: Express tissue tee, gifted scarf, Divine Rights of Denim skinnies (m.marie), Michelle D nude flats (Dillard’s clearance, $11)

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10 thoughts on “>Cheater, Cheater, Jeans Repeater

  1. >The last three days we had some unseasonably warm weather in the 70's here in Boston. Today it's back in the high 50's low 60's. That's just how I like it. I couldn't take Florida weather, too hot for me. I had a pumpkin spice latte to celebrate the return of fall!

  2. >I'd rather suffer through heat then cold and snow!! You should come up to Nova Scotia if you wanna feel some Fall – well, actually it's more like late summer here right now (beautiful!) but you should come on up in about a month and we'll have lots of nip in the air for you I'm sure! ;)

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