>Happy Halloween!


C and me at one of our first Halloween parties together in 2006. He’s a headless butler and I’m his flirty French maid. We had to cut a hole into his ascot so he could drink keg beer through a straw all night. Good times. 

Still one of our favorite costumes of all time.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween weekend!

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  1. >where does his head go?! Just Better Together

    Posted 5.17.11 Reply
  2. >where does his head go?! Just Better Together

    Posted 5.17.11 Reply
  3. Colleen wrote:

    >I enjoy that costume. Both of them. I never dress up anymore.

    Posted 11.7.10 Reply
  4. Iris wrote:

    >That is such an awesome costume, he really committed to the bit!

    Posted 11.6.10 Reply
  5. >So cute, Keira!

    Posted 11.1.10 Reply
  6. Jet wrote:

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    Posted 11.1.10 Reply
  7. >oh my gosh. so amazing!

    Posted 11.1.10 Reply
  8. Posted 11.1.10 Reply