>Kids in the Hall(way)



I don’t love these photos, but I do love this outfit! I still have a lot to learn about my new Canon Rebel EOS (hello, ghostly flash shadows) and I panic after the sun goes down and we have to move our photo sessions indoors. With daylight savings coming to an end this weekend, I’m either going to need a crash course in photography or a new schedule for snapping outfit shots during the day…

Wearing: Dalena Vintage skirt (via Sterling Style giveaway), INC denim jacket, Hue purple tights, Target boots, thrifted scarf and belt

14 thoughts on “>Kids in the Hall(way)

  1. >Loving this pink skirt mixed with the yellow shades in the top and scarf. What a great combination that wouldn't be a first choice for pairing. – Katy


  2. >Gorgeous outfit. Adore the colours you've mixed :) The shadows will be lighter if you put more distance between the wall and yourself – alternatively you can turn down the flash a little. (display menu – there should be a flash icon where you can set it to be less bright)


  3. >I love your outfit, it's so unexpectedly colorful. I have been relegated to taking photos on the weekends or lunch if I can sneak it in (but that's really rare).


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