>1/30: The Kick-Off


Hey remixers! I’m so excited for the kick-off of this 30 for 30 challenge. I moved my new little wardrobe to its own rolling rack in our home office so I won’t be tempted by the other pieces in my closet. So far, I’m optimistic about my ability to pull off a month of unique looks… but we’ll see if I’m singing the same tune by day 15.  
Since I refuse to iron on Mondays, I reached for one of the easy breezy dresses I bought on sale from American Eagle last week (a last minute splurge before the start of the shopping ban) and threw the denim jacket on top. Add tights and socks — a combo I saw and loved on Kendi — a belt at the waist, and we’re good to go! 
Looking forward to catching up on everyone’s first day later! Back to work now…

Update: a few of you commented about my lipcolor. It’s Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Tease, and it’s one of my favorite glosses. The color is great, it’s not sticky, and it really lasts. 

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  1. 11.15.10

    >cute outfit! i have these boots but have not taken them from the closet yet this year. next to my leather boots they just seemed silly. in 22 days, i will pull them out though and see how they look with some tights and socks. thanks for the inspiration!

  2. 11.10.10

    >I went out and bought this dress and a couple of cute skirts after seeing your post. thanks for the hint.

  3. 11.9.10
    Sara said:

    >Thanks for sharing your lipstick color – It looks great on you! I can't wait to see how you throw that dusty pink(ish) skirt into the remix!sara

  4. 11.9.10

    >What a knockout outfit!!! And the lipgloss is great also! Thankshttp://southerncomfortga.blogspot.com/2010/11/blue-but-not-sad.html

  5. 11.9.10
    Melanie said:

    >This is such a great outfit, especially to kick off the 30 for 30 challenge! I love sweet floral dresses with cowboy boots topped with a denim jacket. Perfect! I realized that I forgot to include my denim jacket in my 30 so I might have to do a little swapping around!

  6. 11.9.10

    >The tights, socks, and boots combo is one I've been meaning to try. I just don't have tights for it yet. Add that to the shopping list.No Guilt Fashion

  7. 11.9.10

    >nice fresh start!

  8. 11.9.10
    Linda W said:

    >You look wonderful, of course. I first found you through your first 30 for 30 when I was always impressed with your looks. Looking forward to seeing more of your creative, well-polished outfits again this time.The Auspicious Life

  9. 11.9.10

    >i love your dress and boots! and you look really lovely :) here's to the next 30 days!

  10. 11.9.10
    Courtney said:

    >I absolutely love your dress! I too segmented my closet into 30 for 30 items of clothing and "everything else" to avoid temptation. Good luck on the challenge! xo Courtney

  11. 11.9.10
    Liz said:

    >What an easy breezy look for day one! I agree the lip color is gorgeous on you and is that a yellow stop sign I see in the background??

  12. 11.9.10
    KT said:

    >Great kick-off outfit. I am loving the jean jacket with the dress. They are so versatile and easy to pair with so many things. – Katy

  13. 11.9.10
    Christa said:

    >pink lipstick makes any day great!! love it!

  14. 11.9.10
    Anne said:

    >A rolling rack is a good idea! I moved everything to one dresser drawer and the hanging items to one closet section – I think it will actually be nice to have the limited places to go when I get dressed in the morning (Till I get sick of it and miss the rest oft clothes anyway…)

  15. 11.9.10

    >This is just adorable! I would so wear this myself! ~Serene

  16. 11.9.10
    Katie W said:

    >I love this as your kick-off! It's funny because I actually ironed this morning and I NEVER iron… I'm not ready to embrace the 30 for 30 challenge myself, but I love seeing everyone else's creativity!

  17. 11.9.10

    >Great first outfit…I buy TONS at AE..they really have some wonderful things in that store…your dress is gorgeous:)Stop by and say Hello ♥Enter my Awesome ModCloth Giveaway

  18. 11.9.10

    >I love the dress! What a great remix!

  19. 11.8.10

    >So cute! I love the whole look. Looking forward to seeing more!jewelscapes.blogspot.com

  20. 11.8.10
    rosemaryx said:

    >definitely a fan of all the layers you've got going on there. You look so warm and toasty!the print on the dress is great and those boots are to die for!

  21. 11.8.10
    Desiree said:

    >This lip color is amazing! It looks terrific on you!

  22. 11.8.10

    >This is really cute! I'm liking the tall socks peeking out of the boots thing too, so I might have to try it this season. I'll probably get funny looks from my co-workers though… :)

  23. 11.8.10

    >Loving this look. I love socks/boots combo and am so glad its finally getting cool enough to pull them out of the closet. Now I just need to find some new boots… :)

  24. 11.8.10

    >You always look cute! :) Good Luck for the challenge!

  25. 11.8.10
    Sorcha said:

    >I love how stylish yet comfy boots and socks are together!

  26. 11.8.10
    rlutz said:

    >great start…love the dress with the belt…

  27. 11.8.10

    >Very cute. I'm still trying to pull of the whole tights and sock thing.http://amyfashionblog52.blogspot.com/

  28. 11.8.10
    Mrs. J said:

    >I the LOVE this look, now I wish I included a pretty floral dress in my 30 items. :)Best,Mariewww.watchmedress.blogspot.com

  29. 11.8.10

    >I love this! Such a great kickoff outfit. The dress is great; I'm such a fan of dark florals!

  30. 11.8.10

    >I have this same dress in the magenta version! And I love it so much. I have got to try the socks over tights look. You, Kendi, and Tania pull it off so perfectly! I wonder if it looks good on fuller figures, too. We shall see. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE your lipcolor, too!!!

  31. 11.8.10
    Liz said:

    >Effortlessly chic – I love it! Also I'm loving this sock trend – that may be my first purchase post shopping ban. Ps, you're lip color is perfection!Here's to 29 more outfits!http://twosixandcounting.blogspot.com

  32. 11.8.10
    Ashley J said:

    >You look so cute! Can't wait to see what the rest of the challenge has in store for you!http://www.afashionfixation.blogspot.com

  33. 11.8.10
    Iris said:

    >I like the tights/socks/boots thing also… I am looking for some taller boots but, you make it look great with short ones!

  34. 11.8.10
    Melissa said:

    >I'm seriously loving the tights/socks/boots look. You look fantastic! I love the jacket with the sleeves rolled up too.

  35. 11.8.10

    >great look for number 1! I too am excited, but am sure I'll hit desperation in the early 20s…

  36. 11.8.10
    Cathy said:

    >Love it!! I need help making my blog look cute! You do such a GREAT job!!! I am tech handicapped!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  37. 11.8.10

    >I feel like I need to take this challenge! You're starting off strong…you'll do great.

  38. 11.8.10
    Jamie said:

    >super cute :) love the socks over the tights and the boots and accessories!! nice job keira :)xoworkyourcloset.com

  39. 11.8.10
    Amanda said:

    >love the look. I'm digging the socks with tights & am adding it to my winter looks!