>4/30: Equestrian Casual


I feel like I could saddle up my horse and play a casual round of polo in this outfit. If only I had a horse. Mom and dad never caved to my pleas for a pony as a child. 
If I look a little disheveled and rushed in these shots, it’s because I am disheveled and rushed. C and I had a two minute break in the afternoon to run out and snap a few shots, and after we came back inside and I looked through them I realized the cuff on my sweater is jacked up and my hair is a little… windblown? Oh well, we keep it real around here. On the bright side, the yummy Mexican cafe across the street from our shop has an orange exterior wall that matched my sweater perfectly.
Okay, back to business. We’re knee-deep in these beauties for a big wedding this weekend, and the entire staff is hands-on-deck to get things done. Plus, the bakery next door closes in 30 minutes, and we need a cupcake fix.
Wearing: Express button-up, American Eagle short-sleeve striped sweater, American Eagle cord jeggings, Candie’s boots. 

19 thoughts on “>4/30: Equestrian Casual

  1. >THIS is disheveled and rushed for you?! this would be me if i tried really really hard to look cute. YOU LOOK really good :)crisp white shirts are always A+ gorgeous!


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