>7/30: Goodbye, 25…





I can’t believe I waited until day 7 to pull out my beloved jeggings. Don’t be surprised if every other outfit from here on out includes these babies. 
On another note, is anyone else noticing gaping holes in their 30 selection? For instance, I didn’t include a long-sleeve cardigan (what was I thinking?) and I probably could’ve used a pair of cropped pants or shorts. I did save one wildcard, but I’m trying to keep it in my pocket just in case something crazy comes up. 
Keeping things in my pocket isn’t exactly a strength of mine, though… Like every birthday, when I get gift cards and plan to save them for [insert large investment piece I’ve had my eye on for months] but end up blowing them the next day on lipgloss and out-of-season clearance tank tops. No self control. 
Speaking of birthdays, mine is tomorrow! I literally just realized last week that my birthday was so close. This one really snuck up on me! I should probably be out slamming drinks and dancing on bars for the last night of my first quarter century, but that’s not really my style (don’t worry, Mom). Ringing in 26 with a quiet dinner at home with husband and Bravo reruns. 
At least one celebratory drink (or two) will be sipped in a ladylike manner tomorrow night, however.  

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I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

32 thoughts on “>7/30: Goodbye, 25…

  1. >Happy birthday! (Scorpios rule, I had mine on the 1st!)Yep, the gaping hole I left was no jeans. My department was rewarded by having "jeans Friday" every day for a month. Everyone keeps giving me funny looks. Oh well! I feel quite fine out-dressing them,(TeeHee…)

  2. >jeggings used to make me laugh (by the name alone) but they look really really good on you!!! love the sunny yellow and your smiley smile!and really, happy birthday (i think it's already your birthday by the time i replied).

  3. >happy birthday! I haven't found a pair of jeggings that I love yet. American Eagle's are not flattering on me. I love the shirt/sweater combo. And I love the color of the shirt.

  4. >Loving the jeggings! Jury's still out on them for me, I can't decide if I want a pair! But I'm leaning towards yes… they'd just be so practical! And this outfit looks really cool. :)

  5. >Sounds like you have THE perfect birthday evening planned. Will these jeggings be making an appearance? ;)I'm with you on the gift card thing. I'm always psyched to save up the cards and then I blow the money I have on cheapie stuff. I think we need a support group.

  6. >Happy Birthday Keira!!! Enjoy your very special day!SN: Thanks for reminding me that I will be knocking at 26 in… 20 days! OMG Where did the last quarter of a century go!?!?

  7. >Happy early birthday! Love your yellow rosette shirt…and I totally have gaping holes in my 30!! What was I thinking, including just ONE t-shirt?

  8. >Happy birthday lady! You're blog seriously never fails to give me some serious outfit inspiration. And one of the reasons that I don't do the 30 for 30 is that I'm scared that I'll have gaping holes and have to cheat. And then I'd feel like a loser. So I say, maybe next time!

  9. >Happy Early Birthday!! I am the same way with my bday, I like to enjoy it mellowly. You must dish on where you got those jeggings and that cream top. I'm loving them both!

  10. >Aw, happy early birthday!!! 26 has been great to me so far, and I hope the same for you! I'll check back in tomorrow and wish it officially.

  11. >Happy early b-day! I, too am in the 30 for 30 challenge. To answer your question, I definitely have a gap in my selections. I should have put a vest or cropped blazer in my selection to dress up my T-shirts. And I'm regretting putting in one tan color pair of shoes that I can't imagine wearing in our sub-zero temps!

  12. >Happy birthday! I love the way you've layered these pieces, and the yellow is fantastic with your coloring. I've also struggled with those "gaping holes" in my remix collection — I've definitely been short on long-sleeve shirts, and have included a couple of pieces that I can't seem to make myself want to wear… oh well — that's part of the challenge, right?

  13. >Oooh Happy early Birthday!!My gaping holes include "Oh the weather is so nice I'll add a bunch of t's and tanks, but oh wait, it'll be December by the time these 30 are over…shoot"Sweaters are more necessary than anything…

  14. >Awee, happy early birthday! :)Love that top – the color is so pretty and the neckline! :)I'm like that too – no self control whatsover on investing vs. that cute tank top on sale i must get! :)

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