>8/30: Birthday Suit


Husband wouldn’t let me wear my actual birthday suit out of the house this morning. He’s so old fashioned. But he made me breakfast in bed, so I acquiesced and wore this instead. Blousey tunic plus stretchy thick black tights to hide all of my birthday indiscretions (namely, chocolate cake from the girls at the shop and a big dinner at one of my favorite spots in town tonight). 
So, do I look older? [Hint: this is a test of our bloggy friendship, so choose your answers carefully…]

Wearing: Ya tunic (m.marie), cheap black tights, NY&Co skinny snakeskin belt, Candie’s boots

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I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

64 thoughts on “>8/30: Birthday Suit

  1. >This is belated, but still sincere – happy happy birthday! I hope it was a wonderful, and that you'll have a memorable, happy year!(And I love that tunic – that shade is gorgeous on you.)

  2. >happy birthday from a fellow remixer :) it's so hard to sort through all the remix blogs, but you definitely have great style. keep rockin' it!

  3. >HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You look amazing! and how sweet of your hubby to make you breakfast in bed♥♥♥http://justsusy.blogspot.com/

  4. >Kendi Everyday sent me your way! Turning 30 during the 30/30 challenge. How exciting! No, you don't look 30 at all (and I am not just saying that out of fear of being hunted down via the blogsphere). Lol My blog is Rags to Stitches if you wanted to still "share the love". Lol Happy Birthday again. http://www.ragstostitches.blogspot.com

  5. >it's so nice to "meet" you and your blog! have a VERY happy birthday, and you look adorable :) I love the tunic/boots pairing-great colors!penandstilleto.blogspot.com

  6. >happy birthday! i love your outfit and you look super fab! what are you talking about, you look so young! ;)rainbowinthegloomysky.blogspot.com

  7. >Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a good one! I love how drapey this top is! It just falls and flows perfectly. – Katy

  8. >Cute post! I really love the tunic with those stretchy pants. And you don't look a day over…actually I won't say since I don't want to guess wrong…heheFunny story–my friend decided to test people's estimation powers on her birthday to find out how old people would think she was. She was turning 24 and about 70% said 30! Yikes! I told her it was a bad idea;)

  9. >Happy birthday! You look amazing! :)Where are you thick black tights from? I have been trying to find some thick ones like that, they look great! I love your sunglasses with your outfit!

  10. >Happy birthday! Love the tunic; it goes nicely with the belt. I usually avoid that color since I'm so pale, but I'm thinking about giving it a second chance after seeing how good it looks on you!

  11. >Happy birthday, Keira! You're finally my age! Except, I'm turning 27 in three months. Oy… You look two years younger today! What happened? :) I bet it was that chocolate cake and breakfast in bed. I heard those are like fountains of youth!Hope the rest of your day rocks as much as your morning must have. And, although, I'm sure your truer than true birthday suit is fabulous, I like this one a lot, too!

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