>9/30: Blooper Reel



Today was one of those nothing-goes-quite-right-and-you-can’t-find-your-groove kind of days.

As we were closing up the shop at the end of the day, C asked me if we’d taken photos yet. To which I replied, “photos of what?” “Uh, your 30 for 30 post.” Oh yeah… oops. There were only precious moments of good light left, and we were running out to meet someone for drinks at the bar down the street, so we decided we’d snap a few shots when we got there. Then I (self-proclaimed art director extraordinaire that I am) suggested we get all artsy and creative by taking them in front of the “billiards” sign at the pool hall a few doors down from the bar we were headed to. And that’s where things went downhill.

There was a guy messing with his motorcycle in the parking space about 50 feet in front of me, and people eating dinner in the restaurant next door, and that (compounded with the grossness of my day) resulted in some serious camera shyness and all-around awkwardness on my part. I’m still working on this taking-pictures-of-yourself-in-public thing, and I started trying to be all non-chalant, and pose without looking like I was posing, and my timing got all off with C, and we were in a hurry, and things just weren’t gelling, and…

Seriously, you guys, the shots that resulted from today’s little photo session were aw-ful. They ranged from over-smiling (like the one above) to deer-in-the-headlights stares to weird arm placement.

Naturally, since I got a good chuckle from them, I thought I should share them in case any of you had a similarly less-than-stellar day. And, just for the heck of it, throw up a poll to determine the winner of Awkwardest of Them All. Because that’s how we roll in the old U-S-of-A.

#1: “I had a few glasses of wine at the office, but I slept it off under my desk.”
#2: “I really have to pee, can someone point me to the nearest ladies’ room?”
#3: “I know, I know… I really impress myself with how effortlessly cool I am. I mean, look how I can work this brick wall…”

So, here's your chance to pick your favorite ridiculous blooper shot. Which deserves the title of Awkwardest of Them All? 

Wearing: INC tunic (Macy’s sale), my beloved jeggings, Candie’s boots, bamboo scarf c/o Casualmere.

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35 thoughts on “>9/30: Blooper Reel

  1. >Ha ha, aww, too cute! I feel strange whenever anyone sees me taking my pictures as well… and I take them on my apt balcony! I should be looking back at these people telling them to mind their own business! :) Love the pop of purple!

  2. >I love this post! I always like to see other "bloopers" if you will, as mine always crack my shiz up. Have a good weekend! :)

  3. >hi! i found your blog via kendi everyday. love your outfit. especially those boots! you're so right about the blooper shots. haha.

  4. >I really like your blog, I'm a fellow remixer and recently read you post on Kendi's blog. I love everything you said especially the part about taking time to appreciate the abundance of life. I'm happy to be a new follower! :)watchmedress.blogspot

  5. >I love your skinny jeans. I don't have a pair (I'm probably the only one) but I'm seriously considering it after going through your posts (yes, all of them) :)meowandmwah.blogspot.com

  6. >I think it's the captions that totally make these hilarious. I think you deserve props for even posing in public–I can't seem to get out of my yard! Anyway, goofy photos or not, I love this look!

  7. >Thanks for the giggle. I was having a bad day. Posing is always the hardest part of the 30 for 30 challenge, well for me anyway. YOU look great!Carlahttp://wwwsimplybubblelicious.blogspot.com/

  8. >Isn't it funny how sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, they all turn out poorly? It's just one of those days. Still I love the outfit, and of course the scarf. – Katy

  9. >I agree about how awkward it can feel, but I always thing you look great. I live on a main street and people nearly wreck trying to figure out why I'm being photographed. Makes me feel really awkward. Plus, when I smile to big it makes one of my eyes squint and I look like I have a droopy eye. Too crazy! Angela, on the other hand, lives for this sort of thing.xoxo,courtney

  10. >I adore this post! You still manage to look completely gorgeous in all of you uncomfortable photos! I linked back to this today, since all week, I've been having some serious outtake photos. :) Hope that's ok!

  11. >This post is hilarious! I too am having the same problem. It is amazing how weird I can contort my arms and legs in a pic, but as i am posing I am thinking what a great pose this is going to be. I keep telling myself practice makes perfect. So, hopefully by look 30 we will have this posing thing down. Love your blog and your style.

  12. >these are great photos! you look marvelous in the outfit.i know what you mean about the taking photos in public thing. i still can't do it.fivetwocharm.blogspot.com

  13. >I think I am officially going to dub today, "Awkward Photo Day". Literally all of my pictures turned out funky today, haha.At least your outfit looks totally fabulous! <3

  14. >#1 would TOTALLY win if the sign was in the background. but i just love your expression in #2. love when you can laugh at yourself… keeps is fun and lighthearted. :)

  15. >If you were doing the hand thing from number one in the number 2 shot, it would have been so awesome! You're not the only one with an off day…

  16. >I'm thinking that you feel like these are bloopers because of how nervous you were taking pics in front of strangers in public, but I think you look good in these pics. Plus you have an awesome look:) Sorry to hear you had an off day. Those suck royally.

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