>10/30: Good Outfit, Terrible Lighting (and a camera hog)


We’re going to get better at this photography thing… just bear with us. Until then — since it’s dark-thirty by the time I get home from the flower shop — there may be an occasional indoor shot with gigantic flash shadows looming behind me. {I welcome suggestions for avoiding and/or repairing this in Photoshop, by the way}
I actually wore this to a Girl’s Inc. fundraiser Thursday night. Remember last week, when I had lunch with a few board members and the executive director to talk about getting involved with the organization? The event Thursday night was my first “duty” on the board. I realized after I arrived that I wore the same skirt and shoes to that lunch meeting. It’s funny, but I’m just 10 outfits in and I keep reaching for the same items over and over. I haven’t touched more than half of my 30 pieces yet. 
Doak made his way into our living room photo shoot, as per usual when he’s in range of the camera. He’s such a little ham (I’ve said before that I think he’s trying to take over A.P.P.) . At least he didn’t hog the shot and do a trick like Charlie, Emily‘s adorable pup, on my carpet.

Wearing: AE long sleeve sweater (on sale!), thrifted skirt and scarf, Jessica Simpson platform pumps

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I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

26 thoughts on “>10/30: Good Outfit, Terrible Lighting (and a camera hog)

  1. >You lighting may not be perfect but you still look adorable like usual. I love the skirt and heels and together it's stunning.

  2. >I absolutely adore your blog! I found you through the feature on Kendi Everyday. I will def have to start folling! Great job so far on the 30 for 30

  3. >well when the skirt is that adorable, I can see why you reach for it repeatedly! I've worn the same boots so many times already in the challenge, so i get reaching for favorites!

  4. >I know the feeling, girl. Most days I don't get home until the evening as well, so I have no choice but to take photos indoors. Which is a shame, because outside pictures always look so much better!But anyways, you look adorable! I am in love with those shoes! And your headband definitely adds personality!

  5. >love this! i am such a fan of mixing neutrals and i love the leopard head band with this!! great look!the big shadow adds some dimension to the pics! (:

  6. >love the skirt! i've been trying to get all of my items worn so i can start remixing them a litle more and i still have 6 left that haven't been touched. makes me feel better that someone else has a lot left to wear! as far as flash… you can get an external flash for a DSLR that allows you to "bounce" the flash so there aren't shadows. i have one for mine and i like it but for style photos i just ghettofy it and use the point and shoot with flash off. not sure how to fix shadows or flash lighting in photoshop, sorry!

  7. >Aww, you look great Keira! And I love it when Doak photo-bombs your pictures.I get home late in the evenings as well. I started planning my outfits for the week on Saturday and taking all my photos on Sunday afternoon (much to the curiosity of our neighborhood). Hope you're enjoying the weekend. xo

  8. >Great shoes! And I totally sympathize with the indoor photos…I've been resorting to them a lot lately. Hopefully we will both come up with solutions soon. Until then, no judging :)

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