>13/30: Round Two!




For the past several years, C and I have always made what we call the holiday tour on all of the major family holidays. Every Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas involved a detailed, mapped out circuit with strict time schedules to be sure we fit everyone in and made it to each dinner on time (thank goodness they were always staggered). I haven’t seen Four Christmases yet, but judging by the previews alone, I can kind of relate. 
This year, however, was a change of pace for us! We spent all day yesterday eating and lounging at my mom’s, and then had dinner and game night with C’s family tonight. It was so great to be able to relax and spend time with both families without staring at our watches or navigating holiday traffic. And, we got to eat twice — but not in our usual fashion of eating a huge lunch followed by a huger early dinner in a 6 hour period. It’s been such a great holiday weekend, and we still have two days left of it! 
Did any of you have to do your own holiday tour this Thanksgiving? How do you manage to make several stops and still enjoy the holiday? 
Wearing: Divine Rights of Denim skinnies (m.marie), Antonio Milani blazer (Dillard’s sale 2008), mustard rosette top (Macy’s sale, 2008), Gianni Bini leather sandals 

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  1. >That blazer is fantastic, and I love the umbrella!We are too far from our families to make travel practical for such a short holiday (also it makes more sense financially to just wait until next month), so we went to dinner at a friend's house. It was relaxed and the food was delicious. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday.

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