>16/30: "Just five more minutes, mom!"


{recreate it: similar shirt, similar jeans (I got mine at m.marie), cute scarf substitute, ruby red slippers}
I never grew out of the adolescent phase of being difficult to rouse out of bed. Let’s just say I’m not a rise-and-shine little ray of sunshine in the morning. And it’s probably best not to ask me complex questions or test my problem-solving skills before noon. 
Mondays are usually the worst of the weekdays for me. Add four prior days of sleeping in, afternoon naps, and staying up late watching Bravo and Style reruns, and waking up is damn near impossible. Of course I overslept this morning, which threw me into a tizzy for the first half of the day (which was terribly inconvenient because Mondays are one of our busiest days of the week with receiving shipments of plants and flowers and catching up on work from the weekend).
In order to prevent a similar dysfunctional day tomorrow, I have an early evening date with a big mug of hot lullaby tea and a new novel.

P.S. It was terribly windy this afternoon during our little photo sesh (hence the crazy lady hair). I’ve caught word that a cold front is headed our way this week… One can only hope! 

22 thoughts on “>16/30: "Just five more minutes, mom!"

  1. >Keira, I love this outfit. Don't be suprised if you see me mimicking this one around town ;)P.S. The blog and photos look amazing. Keep up the beautiful work.


  2. >Cute! Love the belted scarf – saw this on another blogger not too long ago and it inspired me to try it – it really polishes an outfit off! That's why I love scarves, so many ways to wear them


  3. >I'm the same way. Monday mornings are never good for me. You look lovely though! I love the combination of belted scarf and the red shoes. Very fab!


  4. >You look adorable. So pretty. As pretty as a penny (see what I did there? hehe).I love those red shoes. I really admire your style — you're able to take some simple pieces and make them look so new and fantastic. You've been rockin' the 30 for 30!


  5. >It never ceases to amaze me how effortlessly chic and gorgeous you look daily. What with the wind and over sleeping and all. If I could just hone that energy you radiate.


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