>18/30: Matchy-Matchy


{shop: sweater}
Today I matched my lipstick to my shoes. Maybe because I’m in the holiday spirit. {More likely, I tried to distract everyone from noticing that I wore these jeggings two days in a row.
Yep… put them in the hamper last night, then pulled them right back out and slipped them on this morning. They were at the top of the hamper, so it’s all good. If they’d been under C’s sweaty gym clothes, I would’ve reconsidered. {Or sprayed them generously with Febreeze before I put them on.
Whatevs. I’m shameless.  
On another note, I’d like to apologize to my friends in the rainier/snowier regions of the country for rubbing in the gorgeous Florida weather in these photos. But today was pure perfection. And let me tell you, it’s been a long time coming. With weeks of sufferable days in the 90’s, I think Florida knew that if it didn’t do something soon, we were all going to pack up and move up a state or two.

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  1. 12.7.10
    Tiffany said:

    >I love how simple yet awesome this whole outfit is!! And, I love the matching lipstick and shoes!! Looks great!

  2. 12.4.10

    >i love the print peeking out from underneath and your red shoes? best part? your super sunny smile. you look great!

  3. 12.2.10
    rlutz said:

    >that lipstick color look so great on you. Love how the bottom of the patterned shirt peeks out of the sweater!!

  4. 12.2.10

    >This is my favorite outfit. Look'n great!!! Enjoy the beautiful weather. It finally feels a bit more like the holidays here in Mississippi. It dropped down to the 20's last night. burrr.

  5. 12.2.10

    >No matter how bad it is in Florida, trust me you don't want to move up to Georgia right now… it's freezing here!! Maybe we could just switch climates for a day or two. ;-)

  6. 12.2.10

    >True class matching lipstick (beautiful!) and shoes (pretty!)…love the casual look on you in that gorgeous Florida sun (and yes, I'm jealous and I live in Italy!).

  7. 12.2.10
    Angeline said:

    >So jealous of Florida weather seeing you in these clothes (and knowing my hubby is in Miami this week enjoying it while I'm freezing)! I'm trying to wear more lip color…I think you've subconsciously influenced me.

  8. 12.2.10
    Justine said:

    >I am jealous of your weather! And I do the same thing too – pull clothes out of the dirty laundry :) Just Better Together

  9. 12.2.10
    Liz said:

    >I was just about to complain about how jealous I am of your weather! But I didn't know you were in Florida… And your matching lips and shoes definitely distracted me, lol

  10. 12.2.10
    Mimi said:

    >Haha! I used to live in Florida so I know what you mean! LOVE the outfit…the little frills at the bottom of the sweater are so girly and feminine!

  11. 12.2.10
    Jo said:

    >LOL I have to admit that I've done the same thing before! Febreeze covers a multitude of sins :)

  12. 12.2.10

    >You look so glowy and happy in these photos — love the pop of lipstick! I am kinda jealous that your weather is still nice — I'm not used to that much cold weather in Georgia!

  13. 12.2.10
    Katie W said:

    >Are you still using Sydney's photoshop trick? These pictures are gorgeous and I love the peekaboo top under your v-neck! And as always, you look smashing, red lips and all.

  14. 12.2.10

    >Love the ruffle peeking out of the bottom of sweater.I was scared for you for a moment, cuz my boys pull it right out of the bottom of the laundry pile and don't care what has been top.Glad you didn't go there!!!!(spoken like a true mom huh?)

  15. 12.2.10

    >oh the lipstick…i love it.p.s. i bought rosebud salve on your recommendation and it's pretty darn great.

  16. 12.2.10
    Kristen said:

    >I love that cute print poking out from under the sweater. Great idea.And don't worry about rewearing the jeggings…I do that more often than I care to admit. :o Sometimes you can't let a thing like laundry stand in the way of a good outfit.

  17. 12.2.10
    Linley said:

    >i like this look a lot! (love the matching red – i admire women who can so easily wear red lipstick!) and i love the little bit of print popping out! (:

  18. 12.2.10

    >Your too cute about your jeggings.http://amyfashionblog52.blogspot.com/

  19. 12.2.10
    Cara-Mia said:

    >Matching done right! :D

  20. 12.2.10
    Mrs. J said:

    >I love matching my lipstick and shoes together, the febreeze trick is funny and honest. I've done it before without even thinking about my mom's frowning face..Lol BTW: I'm now considering moving back to Atlanta just because of the great weather in the south!

  21. 12.2.10

    >Love that you did the jeggings two days in a row shamelessly. The lipstick and matching shoes are beautiful as is the bit of ruffle peaking out from under the sweater! I love our snow, but I'm jealous of you still being able to wear something besides boots!jewelscapes.blogspot.com

  22. 12.2.10

    >Very funny story about the jeggings and the hamper! I do that more than I care to admit… which I just did.