>21/30: Unforeseen Circumstances


A couple of things have come up in the last several weeks that I didn’t account for when picking my 30 items way back at the first of November. 
For one, I’ve lost a little weight… and the jeans and cords I picked are quite literally falling off of me. Before you get alarmed and think I’m on some crazy crash diet, let me explain: I’m only about 5’4″ (okay, 5’3-and-a-half but I like to round up) and a difference of five pounds or so means a difference in pant sizes. Since I started working at the flower shop, I’m much more active throughout the day than when I worked from home, and I’ve dropped a little extra baggage over the last six to eight weeks. Trust me, I’m not complaining; but it’s getting old hiking up my britches every five seconds. 
Which leads me to my second point: all I can wear are said britches for the next week because baby it’s cold outside! At the start of the challenge, I had the best of intentions to finish in 30 days, so I picked pieces that would get me through the mild fall days up through the first week of December. But as my college economics professor used to say, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” (Although I’m sure he was referring to our lack of preparation for class and not style blogger posting schedules, I imagine the premise is the same). Now the temps are dropping into the 20’s and all I have are a couple of long sleeve button-ups, a lightweight sweater, and this 3/4 sleeve blazer. Hmm… 
Tomorrow I may have to try bag-lady-chic, and layer on all 30 items at once. This should get interesting. 

Author: Keira Lennox

I'm a small town lady from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

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  • >I have mentioned before how 5 lbs makes me wear a different size and people are shocked and think I'm crazy. I'm glad I heard someone else mention it.

  • >I can totally understand how a few pounds can drastically change how something fits, hangs, or gathers. Belts are great for keeping things in place when pants get loose and it adds visual interest! But socks and stockings are perfect to add warmth and thickness to an outfit so you stay cozy and pants don't look too slouchy! =)

  • >I'm 5'5 and I feel you on the weight thing — losing a little can be a huge difference. It's inspiring that you're still trying to make your wardrobe work for you. I think after the challenge I may start going to my tailor a little bit more — it's become pretty obvious after the 30 for 30 which items fit/don't fit.

  • >Well, you look fantastic, big britches or not…and i love the scarf! You are lucky its warm enough to wear pumps and no socks…I feel so limited in that regard in the winter up here:)

  • >I completely understand your weight loss situation! I'm 4'11", so I can actually see the difference of a couple pounds when I look in the mirror. Elastic waists are your friend!Also, a tip for the cold that can help keep your pants from falling as much: layer leggings or thermal underwear under your pants. It doesn't break the rules of the 30 for 30, as it's undergarments and no one will be seeing them. You'll be toasty warm and won't loose your drawers!

  • >As a New Yorker who has lived in Fl for 10 years, I can tell you my tolerance for the cold has gone way down! It feels cold when it's in the 50's here! Stay warm!Like the color combo of blue and gray by the way!

  • >I love the belted jacket and the color blue with the gray.Hope you can stay warm until the end of the challenge. At least the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel right.

  • >At 5'10 I don't have that problem…though I wish I did. It is good that are you more active these days, but that does make it challenging for your remixing. I'm sure would will find someway to make it work. You always look so lady-like, chic, and put together no matter what you wear.The Auspicious Life

  • >Whoo!!! Well for the loosing weight part, not the falling britches! lol :)I'm the same height, so I totally understand (5'4, technically around a little shorter, but i round up too! high-five!).I have clothes in a variety of sizes since my weight tends to flunctuate and i'm not sure from week to week what size i'll be wearing. :)have fun layering tomorrow – can't wait to see – I'm sure it will look amazing! :)