>23/30: Heat Wave


The beautiful thing about living in Florida {well, one of many} is that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few days and it will change. Last week we were teeth-chatteringly frigid, and today we’re sweating with temps creeping back up into the 80’s this afternoon. Normally, I would complain about such non-Christmasy weather this time of year, but since I still have 7 outfits to go in my 30 for 30, and I chose a mini-wardrobe full of light fall pieces and breezy dresses and tees, I’m actually kind of grateful for mother nature’s bipolar indecisiveness in the sunshine state! 

10 thoughts on “>23/30: Heat Wave

  1. >Beautiful! We live in Nashville and it is truly freezing here. We have dear friends in Orlando that we always try to go visit, conveniently, in January. :) I'm jealous of your non-Christmasy weather!


  2. >i definitely had to ignore the weather a few times to get through my 30 looks. i guess it's all part of the "challenge." this is super cute and looks very warm weather-ish! love the bright skirt with the stripes!


  3. >I have to say how completely JEALOUS I am of your bare legs! I wish! It's consistently been below 60 here in Michigan – hence my sweaters and layering on my blog. Wah!I love your color combination today and the jean jacket is just too cute!Love from the frigid north,Kayley


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