>24/30: The Final Countdown


It’s looking like I may actually finish this 30 for 30 challenge before the end of 2010!
I don’t have much to say today… I worked at the shop for most of the afternoon, and I just got home and made my lunch {about 6 hours late} so my lack of proper nutrition is affecting my ability to deliver interesting prose and write anything besides rambling run-on sentences. 
So, uh… this is what I wore today

23 thoughts on “>24/30: The Final Countdown

  1. >I love this! Especially the dog, I mean your top! And I follow through Google Reader but it seems that you've remodeled your site and I like it! And the new profile picture of you is modelicious!


  2. >Sometimes you don't need to say a lot–the cute outfit and the cute dog are enough! Your dog could teach my dog a thing or two about posing for pictures.


  3. >You are cuter than the proverbial button :D I stumbled across your blog on Weardrobe and I'm just FANTASTICALLY delighted…I love your style and can't wait to see/hear more about you :)Hehe, I just finished my 30 for 30…you can do it!!!<3 Cambriahttp://twoforteaplease.blogspot.com/


  4. >Proper nutrition has nothing to do with picking out awesome clothes though!I like the layered look. I've got to be more adventurous with that myself.


  5. >A golden doodle! Ahh I want one! But shhh, don't tell my dog. i don't think he would be too happy with me! And keep on going! The end is in sight! whereheartmeetssole.blogspot.com


  6. >Thank you for the sweet comment! It made my day! And I feel equally as obsessed with your blog, so it looks like we are destined to be blogging buddies. And I'm seriously loving this outfit and your dog. Happy holidays!


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