>26/30: A Marital Mexican Standoff*



*Thank you, Wiki, for helping me with the over-dramatic title of this post as I was Googling the correct spelling of “impasse”. 

C and I are in the midst of a deep marital debate about a [not] very important, [barely] life-changing issue. C racked up a sizable number of “points” using his bank check card, and we’re trying to decide how to cash them in on one of those prize claim websites. Of course, there are handfuls of useless items, but among the 6-month wind energy certificates and ID Defender Locking Drawers, there are a few picks with potential.

As sometimes happens when married couples try to have a meeting of the minds, we’re having trouble coming to a mutual decision. C wants to use the points for a cordless power drill or a personal safe to lock up important documents at home {both practical choices, I suppose}. I want a frozen yogurt/ice cream maker to whip up some homemade recipes like this one {less practical, but totally fun and delicious}. We’re at an impasse, and I need your help…

I told C that I would ask you, dear readers, which item you think is the best investment. He agreed that we’d base our final decision on your recommendations. So, cordless power drill, safe, or ice cream maker?

Coincidentally, I wore this outfit for a casual dinner date a few weekends ago. It was the first and only time I’ve worn this black tiered skirt in my 30.

{Um, not to sway your decision or anything, but if you help me get my froyo maker, I promise to share recipes. Just sayin’.}

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  • >Ice cream maker. I didn't even have to think about that one.I love the pop of red the shoes give. Have those gotten any more comfortable by the way?

  • >Ok, so I'm late to the party, but…a) Love the outfit (as usual, even if I don't post often)b) Go with the safe. It's boring and practical yes, but you never know when you will need it. I've heard from family and friends about how important having a safe is, especially when emergencies arrive, particularly nasty things like fires and burglaries.Happy holidays to you and yours!

  • >Ok, so when the hubby and I have the same type of issue, we agree to look for another option. We have a rule that we each get one pass at a sales pitch and if we can't sell the other on it, we need to pass and look for other options. Inevitably, we end up with something that might not have been our first pick but we're both happy.Or… One of you lets the other have their way cuz they just love you sooooo much!

  • >A safe! For sure! No doubt about it. Ice cream is great and fixing things is great, but saving photos and important documents from a fire or burglar – PRICELESS.

  • >How much fun is it to actually purchase a power drill or a safe? Spend YOUR money on the froyo machine and use the points on those not so fun to buy things. (Plus you will be able to look at all the froyo choices out there and pick the one you REALLY want…not the one that is "free")

  • >I would say either the safe or the icecream maker…so basically the most practical OR impratical of the three choices. (I am so not good with making decisions)http://www.afashionfixation.blogspot.com

  • >I think sometimes in life you need to celebrate a little with fun things like ice cream makers, since you probably wouldn't buy that yourself one day. Just promise to make him his favorite flavor! ps. I'm SO glad that someone else has heard of the shaker weight. I was peeing my pants laughing. I can still hardly believe it's real.pss. I love this outfit. I usually only wear neutrals with a touch of red accessories. So I can totally relate to this outfit!

  • >I hate to say it, but I would go with the safe … it is the most practical and will probably be the most used. I had an ice cream/fro yo maker and we used it only a couple times because it SEEMED cool, but actually was a pain to use and was not fun to clean. Much better to let him have the safe and then go out for ice cream every night …

  • >Because I generally think with my stomach and not my head, I totally totally vote the ice cream maker! Because you'll both benefit from tasty goodness.I love love love you shoes in ever way possible. They are the most adorable shade of red. Loving the post title, as well!

  • >Oh, I feel slightly guilty for passing up on ice cream + froyo — but I'm always a fan of getting practical stuff for free (or as gifts) and spending my own money on the fun stuff. It makes me appreciate the fun stuff more!

  • >Oh man, what a tough choice. I think that C's fatal flaw is the fact that he's left it up to a bunch of fashion bloggers. Doesn't he know that we ALL LOVE ICE CREAM??? I could also argue the opposite, but I can't do it in a not-inappropriate way (screwing?), so I will vote ice cream maker.xoLaurel

  • >I vote for the drill or the ice cream maker, but it depends on how much either would be used. If they'd be used equally, then I vote for the ice cream maker.

  • >Definitely the cordless drill. Fun, useful, and sexy. See how you feel using it while wearing lowslung pants and a flimsy tank top and you'll see what I mean.

  • >Ice cream maker, without a doubt! I can't believe this is even up for discussion. :pOf course, you have to post pictures of the tasty treats you whip up. But that's implied, clearly.

  • >I guess I'm just practical but I'd get the boring safe for free and spend money on fun things. Plus a safe will always be in use ;)

  • >Hmmm…have you compared the prices of the options? What about how often you'll use them? I have a ice cream maker, it was about $50, and I used it a lot when I first got it, but now it sits in the cupboard. I also have a cordless drill and I use that several times a year. Sorry, I'm no fun, but I think the drill and safe will get more use. Of course, you could tell your husband that you've decided that he should get the drill and safe, and then go buy an ice cream maker for yourself! :)

  • >You look so pretty and I WANT that necklace!As for the decision… All I heard was blah blah blah frozen yogurt/ice cream maker! One should never waste hard-earned credit card points on something pratical!

  • >Hahaha well obviously i'm going to go with an icecream maker. You can always just borrow a power drill from a neighbour! ;)You look great. Looove the skirt.And thanks for your kind words on my last blog post. I've seriously been having anxiety about this and it's great hearing that other people understand.xoxoMelissa