>27/30: The Final Four



You know what? There just aren’t enough hours in the day. And unfortunately, unlike Michael Keaton, you can’t clone yourself to get things done because then things get messy. So you drag yourself through the front door after a long day, sit on the kitchen table while the dog barks at you incessantly, and ask your cute (also exhausted, but oh-so-sweet) husband to snap your outfit shots because you only have four left until the end of your 30 for 30 challenge (which you were supposed to finish two weeks ago). You wonder why husband keeps snapping and snapping, and then when you open the images on your Macbook you realize it’s because there isn’t a single flattering one and sweet husband was trying to get at least one usable shot. So you pick the one that best sums up the mood of the evening and you call it a day. 
Then you throw together a blog post (now there’s only three!) and go put on your PJs, grab a bite to eat, and snuggle up on the couch with your spoiled Goldendoodle and watch Madmen on Netflix until you pass out earlier than your retired neighbors. 

11 thoughts on “>27/30: The Final Four

  1. >Ugh, I hate days like that. But at least you got in some relaxing at the end! Thanks for the comment on my blog and all those great recommendations. I think I subscribed to all of them. XP


  2. >I'll tell you what … I am constantly amazed that even with decent lighting and a professional camera that sometimes I can't find a single picture of myself that I like.For what it's worth, you look cute. And so does your barking dog.- Kayley


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