>29/30: Tough Lessons in Remixing


I’m reserving tomorrow for jubilant celebration about [finally!] finishing my 30 for 30. I figured I’d get out all of my lamenting today. 
This is the second remix challenge I’ve participated in; the first was my own version of a 30 for 30 that I called Style Bootcamp. I loved every minute of that remix, threw looks together effortlessly, and praised myself for my creative resourcefulness and for triumphing over the challenge. It was the first time I consciously realized I didn’t need a closet full of brand new things to really enjoy getting dressed every day. I still had one foot in the corporate world with a part time philanthropy position, and I was really comfortable putting together 9 to 5 outfits and dressing casually for the weekends. Truth be told, I secretly wanted to extend it for another month or two.
This go-round has been significantly more challenging for me. Maybe because I’ve completely transitioned from a corporate dress code to business-owner-practical-chic that I’m still working on defining, or because the Florida weather has had more ups and downs than a Six Flags roller coaster. Probably because I picked items that I thought would make cute outfits instead of picking items that would be practical for my changing lifestyle. 
Whatever the causes, I just haven’t felt as creative this time around. I feel like I’ve reached for the same five or six pieces nearly every day (i.e. these brown boots, this gray sweater, my jeggings) and worn a few pieces only once. There are three items I never wore at all! I think I may need a do-over in the spring when my life and the weather are a little more predictable. 
All that aside, I still believe in the power of a good remix in reframing a girl’s perspective on her closet and her personal style. And while it took me way longer than I planned, and I feel like I kind of dropped the ball for myself and my readers, I’m really glad I did it. 

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8 thoughts on “>29/30: Tough Lessons in Remixing

  1. >30 for 30 is tough, and despite what you think, you did a great job. Plus, it helped you discover how you need your wardrobe to work for your new lifestyle. Could be fun to do it again in the spring…I would attempt to do it, but I am a total laundry procrastinator so I don't know how well I would get along with a limited wardrobe. ;) But the idea is GREAT, and I applaud you for sticking with it!~Kirstenhttp://triplemaxtons.blogspot.com

  2. >One more day! I totally understand about the weather. One minute it's high seventies, another… we have 50 degrees. You just can't plan for that stuff.

  3. >Blame it on the Florida weather. Totally.I mean come on, it was 49 degrees on Monday, and it's supposed to be 76 on Saturday? Seriously?!

  4. >I think you are doing great! Keep on chuggin along, girl! One more day! I was feeling quite defeated by the end of mine too… so much, in fact, that I have yet to do a rundown of the entire thing!

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