>Upgraded T-Shirt & Jeans


Photo Credit: KAJonesPHOTOGRAPHY
For the last three or four years, my daily style involved sheath dresses, pencil skirts, silk blouses and blazers. And lots and lots of stilettos. Now I’m transitioning into a much more casual way of dressing and trying to find a balance between style, practicality, and business-owner-who-runs-around-like-a-chicken-with-her-head-cut-off chicness. {If you’re new around here, I left my corporate career in marketing and PR to join in the ownership of my husband’s parents’ florist business at the end of 2010}
My personal style leans toward the dressy, polished end of the spectrum, so figuring out this new dress code has been a challenge. I want to wear pretty floral skirts and cashmere cardis with dainty ballet flats every day, but I climb a lot of ladders and slip and slide on water droplets and fallen flower petals, so I have to compromise. 
I’m really not much of a t-shirt-and-jeans girl, but it’s becoming my daily uniform. I try to find tees with interesting details — like this one from one of my favorite local boutiques, m.marie — so I still feel “dressed up.” If it has lace, studs, sparkles, or appliques, I’m in. But not all at once, mmmkay?
Wearing: Tee, cami, jeggings, and bag all available at m.marie, Jessica Simpson platform pumps (Macy’s sale last season) 

36 thoughts on “>Upgraded T-Shirt & Jeans

  1. >You look so beautiful in your "ol' jeans & tee"! The details are definitely a nice touch! Anyway; I AM new here; so when I read that you'd left your corporate career; I'm awe struck! You must be a real risk taker! All the best for the family business!(:


  2. >I love t-shirts with some interesting tidbits, too, and this one is great! I feel so refreshed when something in my life changes my sartorial requirements; it allows me to reevaluate, refine, and truly appreciate my own sense of style.


  3. >This is an issue I struggle with a lot, having left a "serious" job to go back to school (and assuming I'll return to one again when it's over!). I think you've done a great job styling these pieces, and I'm keen to see what you do in the future!


  4. >I've found as I get more and more into the fashion blogger world, my sense of what "casual" is changes. I sometimes think jeans can be dressy. I've never been too interested in shirts with embellishments before, but it seems like something I have to look into!


  5. >Howdy!Just wanted to say I love your blog (one of my top daily reads on bloglovin!) and didn't realize I had missed listing you on my little blog roll of love on my blog… so you are there now! Love this sweater by the way.Hayleyhttp://www.theweekendfile.blogspot.com


  6. >This is a perfect casual chic look! I struggle with "dressing down" as well, since I'm in a corporate environment 5 days a week. I often find myself clueless with what to wear on the weekends (weird, I know). I've loved seeing your style progress, though. You're definitely figuring your new dress code out nicely. :)


  7. >Chic casual is totally possible. Clearly… look at you! I love this. And when I come to visit… :) … you must show me this m. marie. It looks like it is so in my wheelhouse.


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